About Lisa Jara

Welcome! I'm Lisa, both an energetic powerhouse as much as a sensitive soul, celebrating these opposite aspects of me as they keep life interesting. I offer support through challenging life transitions for women who want to remember their inner power - for confident choices and a life that's meaningful to them!

Sacred Rebels Oracle Cards

AN ORACLE READING FOR MY RED TENT CIRCLES When I finally decided to take the leap and start my own Red Tent monthly [...]

Sacred Rebels Oracle Cards2021-12-01T17:55:26+01:00

Gisa Damerius

Why She Inspires Me Looking for a new kind of self-care experience I googled "facial treatments" in my location and found Gisa Damerius [...]

Gisa Damerius2021-03-10T23:02:00+01:00

Marina M.

It surprised me how easy the process is and how light I felt after the sessions. It was amazing how after one of the [...]

Marina M.2020-12-19T16:56:39+01:00

Susanna Hansen

For many years I’ve been obsessed with thinking problems to death, all the while unconsciously looking for more self-love. I’ve already tried other coaching [...]

Susanna Hansen2020-10-26T22:48:37+01:00

Graeme Connelly

Why He Inspires Me In September 2019 my husband and I took a belated honeymoon trip to Scotland. It was one of the [...]

Graeme Connelly2020-11-08T00:59:12+01:00

Fatime Hyseni

I have gone through some coaching already, especially very expensive ones, but this coaching cannot be compared to anything I’ve experienced so far. With [...]

Fatime Hyseni2020-10-22T22:47:56+02:00

Brooke McCann

I always feel immediately rejuvenated after a personal session with Lisa. Her patient, active listening inevitably leads to personal clarity and peace in profound [...]

Brooke McCann2020-10-22T21:59:03+02:00

Gabrielle Paulhac

I cannot recommend soul based coaching with Lisa enough! The style of interactive, guided meditation is propelled by thoughtful questions and was easy to [...]

Gabrielle Paulhac2020-11-10T20:01:09+01:00
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