Life is cyclical


Why do we believe the road to where we want to go is straight? Do you also love to have a step-by-step plan [...]

Life is cyclical2022-10-26T22:05:53+02:00

Please bother me


Recently a friend told me some very deep stuff about her current health situation and what lay heavy on her heart. And then ended [...]

Please bother me2022-10-26T22:05:21+02:00

On being behind


What if we embraced that there is no “behind”? What if we’re always at the right spot according to our personal rhythm? What if [...]

On being behind2022-10-26T22:03:38+02:00

You can never be behind!


How the made-up concept of “being behind” shapes our reality and is detrimental to our health Nobody likes to be “behind”. We’ve learned [...]

You can never be behind!2022-10-26T21:59:05+02:00
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