It’s okay to be human!


"It’s okay." - my favourite self-soothing mantra, the one I repeat to myself every time I get bogged down by plans not working out [...]

It’s okay to be human!2022-03-24T20:56:21+01:00

Philosophical Practice


An Interview with Tina Wittholm What does a Philosophical Practitioner do? I talked to Tina Wittholm who runs a philosophical practice and if [...]

Philosophical Practice2022-03-24T20:51:20+01:00

Moving through Grief


Grief is our reaction to loss, which can come in many different shapes or forms. When talking about loss, we usually think of [...]

Moving through Grief2022-03-24T20:52:27+01:00

Do you dare to Dream Big?


... because dreams DO happen! I went to my favourite art store the other day to get inspired and found a beautifully designed [...]

Do you dare to Dream Big?2022-03-24T20:53:41+01:00
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