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Meltdown to Mastery

Learn how you can embrace your moon cycle and activate your inner wisdom, to transform menstrual health challenges and (peri)menopause into a happy, healthy experience.

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Cover photo women seeking wholeness podcast

Women seeking Wholeness

Learn about the tradition of the Red Tent and why honouring our cycle is an empowering practice that will change the world.

Wholly a Woman Podcast

Learn how cyclical living and respecting all four cycle phases can help you celebrate your whole womanhood and lead your life with greater confidence.

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Café & Networking Podcast

Learn about my Quiet, yet powerful Revolution to support women and menstruators get back in touch with their bodies, release trauma & lead their lives powerfully from within.

Ordinary to Badass

Learn how to tap into your own wisdom to be the quiet, but bold leader of your life.

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A funy thing happened on the way to my life Lisa Jara Laura Muirhead

“A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to my Life”

How a mental health crisis helped me find my calling.

The Obsessed Podcast

Find out why I’m obsessed with self-sovereignty and how we can live and navigate life on our terms.

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