Soul-based Coaching isn’t (just) a way of coaching, it’s a way of living …

For me, Soul-based Coaching is a quiet revolution, a different approach to Life and how change can happen.

By journeying deep into yourself and your own metaphors (inner images) – beneath your analytical mind – you allow your inner wisdom, the knowledge that is stored in your body, heart, mind and soul, to emerge and show you the answers and solutions that feel really good to you.

Here’s an example of a client session:

In less than 20 minutes, my client was able to dive deep into her inner knowing about why she reaches for snacks when she’s emotionally activated and what she would like to do instead. And because through Soul-based Coaching something shifts right here and now, on a subconscious and cellular level, one week after this session she reported she was able to catch herself in those moments of activation and go grab her nervous system soothing tools instead of food (maybe not every time, but hey, it’s progress!).

And don’t worry, I have her full permission to share this,  because she wants you to experience your own version of magical changes!

How Soul-based Coaching changed my life …


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I became more aware of my inner power, that was magical! Even though I might not be able to feel it all the time, now I know it’s there, not only in theory but as a sensation, a feeling. In moments of hesitation, I come back to these sensations and it helps to bring back balance, strength and confidence.

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Marina M., Happy Soul UK

How does Soul-based Coaching work?

We will meet online, from the comfort of our own homes, and work together in English, French or German.

Every session will start with the same important question: “What would you like to have happen?” and then we will give your soul wisdom a nudge to emerge. A special way of questioning provides a structure that allows you to tap into your creative feminine flow. We’ll following it to discover the unique answers and solutions that fit you perfectly.

As our soul speaks in images and symbols, a language that doesn’t always make sense to our analytical, problem-solving mind, I hold space for you to explore your experience and changes will start to happen – changes that are deeply aligned with who you are, because they come from within.

Lisa at her desk with Soul-based Coaching Badge

Sometimes, all that’s needed is a little awareness for change to happen. Other times there will be different beliefs preventing you from stepping into your power, from expressing your true self and letting your light shine. In our sessions we will allow everything that wants to come up to come up, so you can acknowledge it and see how it fits into the picture. This will lead to lasting change, because you’ve already worked through what’s holding you back.

Let me be the mirror of your own sacred magic

Me as the Soul Midwife

As a midwife I help you develop trust and confidence in your body’s and soul’s innate wisdom. I am found at the threshold between the old and the new, gently helping you navigate the transition. A transition that is guided by your own souldeep knowing.

Comfortable being with what is (the light and joyful moments as well as the shadow, the Unknown, the mess life can sometimes be), I hold space for your longings and your fears, for the change to develop inside of you. Knowing that your inner light will safely guide you, I support you to move through whatever you need to move through until the change is ready to take root in your life.

With Lisa’s patient and dedicated guidance I was able to discover patience with my spirituality and my creativity, which I found out I had hidden deep within myself.

Jennifer Harvey, (Canada)

Lisa is a kind and skilled coach who listens deeply, is fully present, and expertly guides you back to your own, abundant, wisdoms.

Susan Birks, Healing Facilitator & Artist

Why Soul-based Coaching?

Because you…

  • want to experience greater ease, flow, joy and meaning in your life.

  • are ready to look within and find perfectly fitting answers and lasting solutions waiting for you.

  • want to find out what lights you up, what nourishes and inspires you and gives your life meaning –  taking that as the North Star to live your life by.

  • want to reconnect with your own sensations, emotions and desires, so you feel deeply alive and appreciate life’s beauty in all its facets.

  • are ready to decondition from all limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in the hustle and fast pace of today’s society, so you can listen within and live according to what feels right and true for you.