Let your
light shine


Learn to trust your soul and body wisdom to lead a vibrant and meaningful life from the Truth of who you are!

Welcome, dear Sister!

It’s thrilling to see women light up when they realise the enormous strength and power they hold.

Remember your inner light and give yourself permission to let it shine out into this world!

Do you long for a strong and loving space for you to reconnect with your own inner guidance system? A space to cherish the wisdom of your body and intuition, courageously reclaim all of who you are and live a heart-centred, soul-filled life?

I’d be honoured to guide you back to your own wisdom!

Be radical. Be rebellious. Be revolutionary: Listen within for guidance!

Because everything you need for a life full of pleasure and purpose is already inside of you!

Do you sometimes wonder if there’s more to life than what you’re currently experiencing?

Dream-life or not, instead of feeling alive and joyful, moving through life with a sense of purpose and fulfilment, it seems more like life is passing you by. Caught in so many “to-do”s or “to-be”s, you’ve lost touch with the most important part of your life:

After all, your life wouldn’t even exist without you…

But deep down you know that there is so much more waiting for you to be explored, so much more YOU to be brought into your life. You long to reconnect with what lights you up, what nourishes you, gives your life meaning and you know something has to change. Now.

Where shall I start?

You may have no idea where to start or how to initiate the change you long for (or even what it might look like), but you’re willing to find out. To move through whatever you need to move through in order to allow the necessary changes to unfold and enjoy your life fully. Willing to try something new, to listen within and trust the guidance from your body and soul, because it feels aligned with who you are on a souldeep level.

You want to move forward with greater clarity, confidence and purpose?

Tell me how!

The style of interactive, guided meditation is propelled by thoughtful questions and was easy to relax into. It felt like being guided in the painting of my inner landscape. Ultimately, this work helped me leaning into an upcoming transition I had so far put off.

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Gabrielle Paulhac, (Hawaii)

There had been so much noise and busy-ness that the quest to find the woman inside had somewhat eluded me. With Lisa’s guidance I was able to go deep within myself, find that voice of power and hope and allow it to emerge.

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Katrina May, (Indonesia)
Brooke McCann Portrait

Lisa’s patient, active listening inevitably leads to personal clarity and peace in profound ways that were previously unimaginable to me. She will effortlessly guide you through your own soul’s wisdom and lovingly support you every step of the way.

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Brooke McCann, (Canada)

Soul Midwife || Feminine Mystic || Intuitive ­Writer

Your Souldeep Knowing. As a Soul Midwife I hold space for your inner knowing to emerge and souldeep transformation to develop inside of you, staying present with what arises during the process and supporting you in birthing your true self into this world.

Your Creative Feminine Flow. As a Feminine Mystic I help you reconnect to and live in tune with your own and nature’s cycles and
tap into your creative feminine flow to bring forth all the wisdom and sacredness within you.

Your Magic. As an Intuitive Writer I express the beauty, wonder and magic that I see in life and in the world all around us – yes, even in those heart-breaking and scary moments. I encourage and inspire you to take the freedom to be all of who you are.

I am here to remind you that the light of the Divine
is shining within you, too!

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Be inspired…

My writings are my creative channel where I share what is coming through from within…

  • thoughts I have

  • teachings I study

  • insights I gain

  • inspiration I receive

  • wisdom that emerges

  • rituals I love

Some posts may challenge the current structures that we live, think and understand ourselves in. They will question collective limiting beliefs, in a quest to explore new ways of living, working and leading that will allow us to wake up once again to the beauty and magic of life all around us.

Be wild and free and marvellous!

May you be uplifted and inspired to listen to your own truth, gain your own insights and take aligned action to reclaim who you are underneath all the layers you’ve taken on. Give yourself permission to let your light shine confidently!

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