Soul-based Life Coaching

for highly sensitive women who want to remember the power within,
so they can make confident choices and design a life that’s meaningful to them!

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Hi, I’m Lisa,

highly sensitive ambivert, explorer of the depth of our human experience and continually fascinated by the magic within and all around us. I’m a deep thinker, truth-seeker, vision-keeper and free spirit who believes in the innate power and wisdom of our bodies and souls.

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True to You

3 months of 1:1 support through challenging life transitions – for confident choices and a life that’s meaningful to you.

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Red Tent

A monthly Dark Moon women’s circle to recharge your battery, connect with your intuitive knowing and experience the deeply healing qualities of sisterhood.

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Red Tent

Soul Mail

Occasional (electronic) letters with inspiration to trust your inner voice, live in tune with your own rhythms and experience more ease, joy and flow in your life.

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Lisa’s patient, active listening inevitably leads to personal clarity and peace in profound ways that were previously unimaginable to me. She will effortlessly guide you through your own soul’s wisdom and lovingly support you every step of the way.

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Brooke McCann, (Canada)


Befriending my Uterus

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I've been having a painful menstruation for many years, at least during the first two days. And since I've started going down the path of personal development/evolution and cleaning out my emotional and energetic [...]

Hilda Tadria

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Why she inspires me I met Hilda through my job in project finance for a women's rights organisation that supports women who have experienced and survived sexualised violence in regions of war and [...]

I want to live my life in full colour!

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Our being is a whole/complete and interconnected system – and I love how Soul-based Coaching takes this into account. Because working on one aspect of your life or work/business immediately radiates out towards other [...]

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Soul Mail

Would you like some inspiration on your journey back to your own inner power, truth and wisdom?

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