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Ask me!

Do you have a burning question with regards to your menstrual or menopausal health (or, you know, the messy journey of being a human on Earth) that no one has ever answered to your satisfaction? Or that you haven’t dared to ask before?

Good news:
I’m a Menstrual & Menopausal Health Specialist and Confidante through Life Transitions AND I love answering questions – usually more in-depth than necessary ;-)!

And because I’m pretty sure you’re not the only person with that question, I’ll be happy to answer it for you in a future newsletter-email, blog article, video or podcast episode from me.
Completely anonymously, of course!

The only reason I ask for your name and email address is to be able to reach out to you personally once I’ve created the resource/answer – or to forward you any additional information that could be useful!

Simply submit your question through the form below – or send me a voice message here – and I’ll be in touch!

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