Ways we can work together

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Sacred Cycle Deep Dive

Have a heart-to-heart with your own cycle to learn how you can support each other and become fierce and supportive allies in life!

Happy Healthy Period

Address the deeper causes of your menstrual health challenges in a natural and holistic way, so you feel at home in your body again!

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True to You

Navigate challenging life transitions with unshakable trust in yourself and your body – for a life true to you!

Moonday Musings

Are you ready to join the Quiet Revolution of listening to your body and inner truth, so you can make confident choices and design a life that’s meaningful to you?

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Of External Authorities …

It’ a natural process in life that we take on all kinds of beliefs, thoughts and ideas about us, the world, people or different situations that we’ve witnessed or experienced – from our parents, relatives, peers, teachers, the media etc. But in order to live a truly happy and meaningful life, one that is meaningful to us, we need to undergo a process of deconditioning from everything that doesn’t align with our inner Truth.

A deconditioning from the belief that we need to wait for an external authority to tell us what to do and how to be in order to either not get punished or gain approval and be deemed “right” or “good”.

… and our Inner Guidance System

Luckily, we all come into this world equipped with this beautiful inner guidance system of sensations, emotions and inner knowing of what’s right and true for US, and if we start listening to it and aligning our choices and actions with what we find inside, we start embracing all of who we are instead of trying to be someone we’re not.

I can assist you trough that process with Soul-based Coaching, which is a way of holding space and questioning that gently nudges your inner wisdom to emerge without me as a coach interfering with your experience or giving you any advice. This is a deeply empowering experience, one that leaves you confident to be perfectly capable of navigating the ebbs and flows of your life.

With Lisa I could simply find my truth on my own, because she asked very special, open questions that led me to my answers. That’s why I was able to integrate all the insights much easier and I’m really happy about my successes.

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Fatime Hyseni, (Germany)