You are worthy. You are lovable. You are whole. 

You are worthy. 

     You are lovable.

          You are whole. 

And you deserve to lead a life that’s honouring of who you are on a souldeep level!

A life where you can be yourself wholeheartedly and make decisions based on what is right and true for YOU!

A life you’re looking forward to when you get out of bed in the morning – be it exuberantly jumping out of bed or maybe turning around for another ten minutes and then quietly getting ready for the day ahead.

One where you can savour your experiences (the joyful as well as the difficult and heart-breaking moments) and feel deeply connected and present with yourself.

Who am I?

I’m a daughter of the Moon and a daughter of the Earth.
I’m a spiritual feminist, nature lover, book nerd, vision-keeper, truth-seeker, passionate yogini and warrioress of light.

I’m a cyclic being trying to survive in a linear world; a creative, extrovert empath trying to give each moment meaning; a spiritually conscious woman trying to peel away the layers of conditioning and finally be myself.

And beneath all these labels and descriptions I’m simply a soul who has agreed to reincarnate into this body at this time of souldeep change in the world for a reason.

My Mission

I support women to reclaim their inner authority - their soul and body wisdom - to lead their lives with greater clarity and purpose from within!

I feel called to help strengthen the feminine principle that has been so disregarded in the past centuries, which (in my opinion) led to today’s world full of people suffering from burn-out, a feeling of senselessness and a severe disconnection – from ourselves, our bodies, our feelings, our true needs and desires. A disconnection from the very things that keep us feeling alive and vibrant, that make life worth living.

I see it as my life’s work to bring feminine spirituality, Earth-based spiritual practises and the sense of sacredness back into our everyday lives, so we can marvel at the wonder and magic that this life really is. By attuning to and honouring our own cycles and rhythms we can tap into our creative feminine flow and express what wants to be expressed through us. If we learn how to reconnect to, trust in and become aligned with our deepest truth, our souldeep wisdom, we can listen to the inner guide in our heart and make decisions from that place. Because we alone are the expert on ourselves. Through the process of peeling away old layers, shedding old skin and unfolding the luminous and glorious being we are deep within, we can confidently let our light shine into this world and make it a place worth living for everyone.

So let us embark on this journey of embracing and integrating every part of us and stepping into our power! 


My Vision

It all begins with you – you can make a difference!

If you align your life with who you truly are, so it feels nourishing on a souldeep level, you will let your light shine and encourage others around you to do the same.

I believe that it is sorely needed for us to come back into right relationship with the feminine and masculine qualities and principles in our own lives and the world. It’s not about “men versus women”, “male versus female”, but about creating balance between these two opposing and complementing energies that every single one of us holds inside. Valuing softness, trust, restoration, receptivity and being (feminine qualities) as much as reason, progress, structure, giving and doing (masculine qualities) and acknowledging that both have their ideal time and place to be prevalent in our lives for a while.

If we are able to trust our internal guidance system, our intuition (the Feminine) and lead our lives from the wisdom of our hearts (the Masculine), a world becomes possible where …

  • … everyone can follow their own purpose or calling and is valued for their unique contribution to the whole.

  • … especially women are not objectified, but seen as belonging to no one but themselves.

  • … children are respected and trusted to be wise in their own right, because they are still closely connected to the love and light we all come from.

  • … we can cherish and value the “other” for showing us different perspectives and new possibilities.

  • …we understand that we’re all part of this interconnected web of life and what hurts one of us will hurt another and eventually ripple back to us.

  • … women gather in sisterhood, having each other’s back (instead of bitching at each other, being competitive and creating more separation), allowed to listen to their bodies for the spiritual wisdom that comes through living in tune with our/the moon cycle.

  • … men gather in brotherhood, revered for their strength and the courage to express all of themselves, even and most importantly their more vulnerable sides.

  • … all of us are able to navigate the ebbs and flows/ups and downs of life consciously, out of love and trust instead of fear.

And I believe such a world is possible. Probably not in my lifetime. Maybe not even in our children’s lifetime. But I choose to take this vision as my North Star, my compass, to align my actions with it and become the change I wish to see in the world!

My Story

It was somewhere in my early 30s that I suddenly realised I had created a life mostly around other people’s (real or assumed) expectations of me. From the outside it probably looked like I had it all, but on the inside I felt hollow, miserable, disconnected. I believed that the authority on me was someone or something outside of me – a parent, family member, teacher, doctor, supervisor, a study, an advertisement – and that I had to look to them for advice, follow their rules and let them judge if who or how I was, was deemed “good” or “passable”.

And I created all sorts of limiting beliefs from that, about how I am not deserving, unworthy and insufferable and how much I had to do, achieve and produce in order to “make up for me being so horrible”. I was caught in a downward spiral of desperately trying to control everything in my life so I didn’t have to face these uncomfortable feelings about myself and no one would get to discover this horrible being that I believed I was deep inside.

Until one day a thought popped into my head: “Is this it? Do I really want to spend the rest of my life living like this, until one day I die? Is that a life worth living?” The answer was a clear “No!”
I knew something had to change and decided to go to a psychotherapeutic clinic for a three-month stay – where I made the most incredible discovery.

As soon as the deadening pressure of having to make a good living (and working hard every day, going against myself and my needs out of fear to be fired) was temporarily lifted, I felt how I was letting myself off the leash and rediscovered who I really was underneath all the layers I had laid upon myself over the years:

An optimistic, exuberant, vibrant, extroverted, radiant, joyful, spiritual being, full of love – enough that I could give to others and lift them up as well.
I finally knew myself again!

And so I ventured on a journey of slowly letting that Me unfold in my everyday life again.

A journey of peeling away all the layers, ideas, thoughts and beliefs I have taken on over the years. Of facing, embracing and integrating everything I have pushed into the shadows. Of deconditioning from the fast-paced, productivity-driven nature of our current society, one without appreciation of the cyclic nature of life.

A journey of reconnecting with and trusting my own inner guidance system, my soul and body wisdom. Of rediscovering the magic and beauty all round and weaving spirituality back into my life. Of being present in my life, not hastening through, but experiencing and savouring each moment, comfortable or not, because each one holds its own unique beauty, its unique message.

And as this is a process that will probably take until the day I leave this body again, I try to share what I learn and experience along the way to support you in letting your own heart-light shine!

If you want to know more about my journey: MY JOURNEY

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