Love is my religion. Nature is my temple.

My everyday life is my spiritual & feminist practice.

Love is my religion.

Nature is my temple.
My everyday life is my spiritual & feminist practice.

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My Mission:

To make living as a cyclical being (all beings are cyclical!) in a world set up for linear progress be more easeful for you, so you can feel safe, happy, healthy and (w)holy in your body, bleeding or not!

If we haven’t met before:

Hi, I’m Lisa (she/her),

a Menstrual and Menopausal Health Activist supporting womb-bearers detox from societal shame and conditioning and all the BS they’ve been indoctrinated with, so they can reclaim their cycle as their rightful compass back home to themselves.

And yes, you have a cycle even if you have crossed over into post-menopause or don’t have physical organs present!

Lisa Jara in purple shirt in front of a golden field of grain in the light of the setting sun, looking into the camera

I want to live in a world where women and menstruating folks can freely talk about their body, their cycle and their period without shame or guilt and treat themselves with respect and appreciation, making confident choices for a life that’s meaningful to them.

I’m here to normalise conversation around taboo topics and uncomfortable truths, so you start trusting the wisdom of your womb and feel less alone on this big journey called life.

So whether it’s my weekly e-letters Moonday Musings, my podcast Womb Whispers or any of my programs, courses or free resources –
this is your place to …

  • talk about menstruation, menopause and all the taboo topics related to female health challenges in a saf-er space

  • get back in touch with yourself and your body and understand what’s going on inside of it through various life stages and the impact that has on your physiology, psyche, emotional and spiritual life

  • learn how to navigate your cyclical experience – the death and rebirth process you go through every month – with more ease and self-trust, so you feel prepared for the bigger transitions in life

  • unravel the layers of conditioning to create space to connect with who YOU are and become awe-inspired by your magnificent wonder of a body

  • exhale and just be yourself for a while, without roles, masks or labels

If you’re currently suffering from menstrual health challenges and want to have a happy, healthy cycle experience instead, head OVER HERE to find out how I can support you in a holistic and natural way.

If you want to alleviate perimenopause-associated symptoms, so you can move through midlife with calm and confidenceLEARN HERE how we can make that happen.

If you’re moving through a major life crisis (like pre-/post-natal depression, miscarriage, birth trauma, being a new mum/parent, empty nest or the menopause transition), THIS might be for you.

Down-to-Earth and Woo

I’m a sacred rebel dancing to the rhythm of my own blood! :-)

As a person I’m both a highly sensitive soul AND and energetic powerhouse with an opinion.

I’m a Wild Woman, passionate, straight forward and sometimes a little too direct. Think of me as the audacious girlfriend bringing up all the meaty taboo topics you’ve been dying to talk about, voicing thoughts that will turn your whole worldview upside down – in a good way!

I’m a Wise Woman, loving a philosophical conversation about the depths of our shared human experience at 1am in the morning. Imagine a kind, old, compassionate grandma quietly knitting on the couch next to you, while you pour your heart out to her, feeling understood, validated and deeply cared for.

But underneath all the labels I’m just a human being with a deep reverence for Life.

Lisa Jara sitting on the floor with the Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck spread out in front of her, looking into the camera

I’m aware that everything I say comes through the lens of a white, straight, cis-gendered, able-bodied and privileged woman, and I’m actively working on dismantling the internalised notions of systemic oppression held in my body. Still, I hope that what I share will spark a remembrance in you, so you remember the power and wisdom already stored in your bones.

If you decide to stay in my world, be prepared to go deep and have your beliefs challenged – from a loving space, so you get to discern what’s truly “you” and what might be societal conditioning.

Because I lead a Quiet Revolution that invites you to tune in to your and your body’s own knowing, so you withdraw from the current structures of systemic oppression and erode patriarchy from the inside out!

If you want to learn more about how I got here and how I do this, visit my blog for

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