My writings aim to inspire you to live your most authentic,
vibrant and purposeful life!

I want to explore a different way of leadership, in our personal as well as professional lives, leading from our inner guidance system, our heart, body and soul knowing, so that we live joy-filled and soulful lives, changing the world in the process.

Topics range from Personal Development, Soul Musings, the Feminine and Womanhood to Cyclic Living (living in tune with your body’s own (energy) rhythms as well as the Moon’s, the seasons’, the Earth’s).

May the writings encourage you to go on a journey of self-discovery, to find out who you really are beyond all ideas and beliefs, what inspires you, what you are passionate about – and then to take the freedom to be yourself, wholeheartedly!

Moving through Grief

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Grief is our reaction to loss, which can come in many different shapes or forms. When talking about loss, we usually think of a loved one or a dear pet dying. Then there [...]

Dream big!

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... because dreams DO happen! I went to my favourite art store the other day to get inspired and found a beautifully designed notebook that I immediately wanted to buy. Knowing myself and [...]

Cycle Tracking

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An interview with Sandra Himsl In this video, Sandra and I discuss possibilities to track your own (menstrual) cycle and why this can be important. 00:14 Who Sandra is and what she [...]

Decolonising Time

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An Interview with Ixchel Lunar In the video below, Ixchel Lunar and I talk about the concept of time from a colonialist and an indigenous perspective and what practices we can use to [...]

Befriending my Uterus

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I've been having a painful menstruation for many years, at least during the first two days. And since I've started going down the path of personal development/evolution and cleaning out my emotional and energetic [...]

Hilda Tadria

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Why she inspires me I met Hilda through my job in project finance for a women's rights organisation that supports women who have experienced and survived sexualised violence in regions of war and [...]

I want to live my life in full colour!

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Our being is a whole/complete and interconnected system – and I love how Soul-based Coaching takes this into account. Because working on one aspect of your life or work/business immediately radiates out towards other [...]

Gisa Damerius

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Why She Inspires Me Looking for a new kind of self-care experience I googled "facial treatments" in my location and found Gisa Damerius and her studio "Hautgefühl" (German for "skin feeling"). "Skin feeling", [...]

Graeme Connelly

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Why He Inspires Me In September 2019 my husband and I took a belated honeymoon trip to Scotland. It was one of the best trips we’ve ever taken, as we simply adored the [...]

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