Red Tent

For women seeking to connect to their bodies, their cycles, their innate wisdom…

This is an invitation to go on a journey home to yourself during each Dark Moon (symbolical of the menstruation phase), gathering with women of all ages to celebrate each other’s uniqueness in sacred sisterhood.

The Red Tent is a place

  • to rest and recharge your battery
  • to go deep within and connect with your intuitive knowing
  • to be witnessed in your own truth, without the need to fix or change anything
  • for powerful healing, both individually and collectively

We gather for 1.5 hours with ample time for sharing, oracle, meditation, intention setting and celebrating ourselves. As the Red Tent welcomes softness, slowness and rest, you will feel refreshed, nourished and more peaceful afterwards.

During each Red Tent Circle, there is room for 12 women plus me, your facilitator, using the number of the Feminine – 13 – to create a powerful vortex of healing, within and without.

Next gathering:

Friday November 5, 2021, 7 pm CET (11am PDT/2pm EDT), via Zoom

If you are interested in participating, please send me a message through my contact form or via e-mail. If you like to be updated about future events, please subscribe to my Soul Mail.