Navigating life’s challenges True to You

For women and menstruators moving through difficutl life transitions, so they can make confident choices and design a life that’s meaningful to them!

Does it feel like life has thrown you a curveball?

Maybe you’re going through a psycho-emotional crisis, e.g., a midlife or quarterlife crisis, spiritual crisis or you’re questioning (part of) your identity and the meaning of life in general.

Maybe you’ve had a miscarriage or stillborn child or received a severe diagnosis and your world has turned upside down.

Or maybe you’re going through a life transition because a phase of your life has ended, like entering mother-/parenthood, menopause or an empty nest and you don’t know what comes next.

Let me be the confidante you can lean on for support, so you don’t have to move through the messiness of the situation all alone!

Right now …

… life seems stressful and draining and you experience so many intense and difficult emotions (like sadness, anger, guilt, fear, confusion) that are hard to move through alone

… you question who you are and what you want from life and are afraid to make (the wrong) decisions, because you don’t trust your own wisdom anymore

… you have lost trust in your body, e.g., after a miscarriage or a diagnosis, or simply because it doesn’t behave like it used to, and are worried about the future

… you feel so alone in this and no one seems to understand the situation, it’s like you have to hide parts of yourself to be accepted

… your nervous system is in a constant state of alarm, and you feel stuck and powerless regarding your situation

I see you!

But you want …

… a safe and loving space in which you are seen and validated, where you can learn to process your emotions and move through them, so you’re open for life again

… to regain trust in your body and build a relationship with it, so you can partner up and support each other

… to wake up inspired and full of energy, looking forward to enjoying the day ahead

… to know clearly what you want and what you need and confidently go after it, feeling good about caring for yourself first

… to make decisions based on what feels right for YOU, without guilt

Talking with Lisa was like a lifeline, no one in my life seemed to comprehend how much pain I was in. Consequently I felt very alone and questioned myself for feeling that way. Lisa helped me realise that it was grief I was experiencing and guided me gently to that voice inside that knows what I need. Giving myself permission to follow it feels like a relief, a real gift.

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You want to stop trying to keep it all together, but thrive and ENJOY LIFE to the fullest!

Let’s grab a (virtual) coffee

and talk about what you’re going through, what you would like to have happen and how I can support you on your journey:

Lisa Jara Logo on Coffee Mug

Soul-Based Coaching

Every session will start with the same important question: “What would you like to have happen?” and then a special way of questioning will allow you to access the deeper wisdom of your body and soul, without me as a coach interfering with your experience or giving you advice.

Embodiment Practices

Customised embodiment practices are going to help you calm your nervous system and bring you back into your body, so you learn to be present with what is without judgment and experience a greater sense of ease and peace in your life.


After the Soul-based Coaching sessions we will discuss Homeplay Exercises that feel fun and joyful to you, to deepen the experience, insights and healing of the session and let them take root in your life.

Through our work together you’ll …

… know what to say Yes and what to say No to and have more energy to do the things you love doing

… feel more deeply connected to yourself and your body, more in touch with your emotions, knowing how to use their cues to navigate life easefully

… know how to care for your nervous system to feel safe in your body and in your life

… feel more grounded and peaceful in your life, without your thoughts and emotions running the show

Your Options:

Initiatory Journey

3x 75-90 minutes Soul-based Coaching
1x 60 minute Celebration Session
Homeplay Practices

Chat support in between

Your energy exchange:

€ 555
(approx. $ 590)

(if you upgrade to the 3-month container, this amount will be deducted from the respective price)

3-Month Deep Dive

1x 90 minute Deep Dive
9x 75-90 minutes Soul-based Coaching
1x 60 minute Celebration Session
Homeplay Practices

Chat support in between

Your energy exchange:

€ 1500
(approx. $ 1590)

(payment plan available)

Your next Step:

Let’s find out how we can create magic together!

I was able to go deep within myself and find that voice of power and hope, discovering metaphors and tools of empowerment, which I could take into my life.
Now, when the clouds threaten to gather, I can hold on to these tools in order to summon up my strength and feel that kick ass woman inside again, taking control of my life without fear.

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Katrina May, (Indonesia)