Dance WITH Life, instead of struggling against it …

Life has thrown you a curveball.

You’re going through a psycho-emotional crisis – whether it’s a midlife, quarter life or spiritual crisis, whether you’ve just lost a baby or received a severe diagnosis, or whether a job or relationship has ended and you don’t know what comes next.

You’re at crossraods – but where are the freaking signposts?

Your whole world is falling apart and your identity and the meaning of your life feel shaken to the core.

But instead of well-meaning advice that’s usually unhelpful and completely disregards your situation, you want someone who can hold a space for you and support you in finding YOUR way through it, taking it step by step.

I’m here to be the confidante you can lean on for support, so you don’t have to move through your dark night of the soul alone!

A gentle mix of Soul-based Coaching, embodiment practices and heart-to-heart conversations will guide you through the moments where you doubt yourself and need someone to reflect your own light back to you.

Because I want you to recognise what a powerful being you already are and that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you – you actually have a wealth of wisdom stored inside!

Let’s focus on the answers and solutions already inside of you!


True to  You

Exquisite 1:1 Support through your Dark Night of the Soul

Navigate challenging life transitions with unshakable trust in yourself and your body – for confident choices and a life that’s meaningful to you!

Through our journey you’ll …

… feel more peaceful and capable of handling it all by learning to process intense and difficult emotions like fear, anger, grief or shame in a safe way. So instead of threatening to overpower you, they become beloved travelling companions and guides on this journey called life.

… move from being in a constant state of alarm, feeling lost and powerless regarding your situation, to being well-resourced and grounded, capable of riding the waves of your life with grace.
Together we’ll explore embodiment practices that will allow you to take exquisite care of your frayed nervous system.

… confidently reclaim your Yes’s and your No’s, so you can make decisions based on what feels right for YOU, without guilt (instead of making decisions based on other people’s opinions). When you know what you want from your life, you stop second-guessing yourself and have more energy to enjoy the things you love doing.

wake up inspired and full of energy, looking forward to enjoying the day ahead.
Right now, life feels so stressful and draining that you barely have enough energy for the basics, let alone self-care. By reactivating your inner sense of worthiness, you will embrace that you are enough, and that the fastest way to living life on your terms is to go at your own pace, finding ways of being and doing things that are energetically sustaining for you.

… stay connected to your truth through any future challenge, effortlessly leading from your body’s wisdom and your intuition, by discovering the strength and resources that already live inside of you and developing unwavering trust in yourself and your abilities.

Imagine being happy, confident and relaxed in your body and your mind!


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Life transitions can be challenging and often require a deep un-wiring and re-wiring of your body-heart-mind-and-soul system. And because I know that it takes time to allow for these cyclical processes to unfold and take root in your life, the minimum time investment for True to You is 3 months.

Here’s what’s included each month:

1x 90-minute Soul-based Coaching session – incl. recording of each session, so you can go back to process and marvel at the wisdom you found inside of yourself

1x 90-minute Sounding Board session – to talk through what is unfolding, possible challenges and questions; depending on your specific needs these sessions can include mini-coaching, nervous system soothing, embodiment and self-massage practices

Homeplay Exercises – tailored to your needs, to deepen the insights and healing of the sessions and experience a greater sense of ease and peace in your life

Direct Chat Support (via WhatsApp / Telegram / email) between sessions – to share insights, address questions, doubts, fears and also celebrate all your bigger and smaller milestones!
THIS is my clients’ favourite part of our journey, because it helps you integrate the insights and healing of our coaching into your daily life, knowing that there’s always someone on the other end listening and cheering you on!

Your energetic exchange

€ 300 / month*
(approx. US$ 325)

*for 3, 6 or 12 months

This is your investment in yourself and a life true to you!

Let’s grab a (virtual) coffee

to get to know each other and look at where you want to be in 3 to 6 months from now with regards to your situation, what challenges you’re facing, what I sense could be helpful on your journey of getting there and – possibly – how I can support you:

Lisa Jara Logo on Coffee Mug

Note: If we don’t think it’s a great fit for you right now, I’m happy to point you to some resources that will support you in your next steps. Full permission to turn me down if you think now is not the right time!

The idea of meeting me on a call feels intimidating?
How about you send me a mail instead?

This is a whole-body approach, so we are going address your cellular, emotional, mental AND spiritual/energetic level – be prepared to go deep with me ;-)!

Since it is a bespoke journey unique to you, and life, change and healing are never a straight line anyway, I can’t tell you the exact steps and practices we are going to use. Yet, they will surely include:

  • Soul-based Coaching (a holistic approach that draws on the power and wisdom of your body-heart-mind-and-soul system to create sustainable healing and change from the inside out)

  • Nervous System Soothing (vagus nerve activation strategies and healing practices that will anchor a new sense of calm and peace in your whole system, resulting in pain relief and feeling deeply comfortable in your own skin)

  • Embodiment-Practices (customised exercises and meditations to decondition your mind and get back in touch with your body, so you learn to be present with what is without judgment and experience a greater sense of ease and peace in your life)

  • Embodied Cyclical Living (a daily spiritual-feminist practice of observing your personal rhythms and the cycles of Moon, Sun and Life, to feel connected to yourself, your body and the Universe (or whatever you call this universal, loving presence holding us all) and experience a sense of predictability and control)

Talking with Lisa was like a lifeline – no one in my life seemed to comprehend how much pain I was in or how much I was struggling to cope. Consequently, I felt very alone and questioned myself for feeling that way.

Lisa held space for me so beautifully and guided me gently to that voice inside that does know what I need, despite my own judgements about what I ‘should’ be doing. Giving myself permission to follow it feels like a relief, a real gift.

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Mine was a journey of a woman lost and suppressed by the messages of socialisation and patriarchy, leaving me with a feeling of “you aren’t enough”. But I was able to go deep within and find that voice of power and hope, discovering tools of empowerment I could take into my life.

Now, when the clouds threaten to gather, I can hold on to these tools in order to summon up my strength and feel that kick ass woman inside again, taking control of my life without fear.

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Katrina May, (Indonesia)

Hi, I’m Lisa (she/her), and I know a thing or two about the rough times in life …

As an able-bodied, white, cis-gendered, middle-class woman who happens to fit the beauty standards of modern society, I’m aware that I’ve grown up with a lot of privilege.

Portrait Lisa Jara

Yet, for most of my life, I have felt at the mercy of someone or something else, conditioned – as a lot of people have – that the expert on me lies somewhere outside, that my perception of the world or situations is wrong and that I have to strive for validation, approval and happiness from some authority “out there”.

After a mental health crisis in 2017, I decided I didn’t want any other person to feel that powerless and empty ever again and dedicated my life to guiding people back home to themselves, body, heart, mind and soul.

As a Womb Whisperer and Soul Midwife, I support women and menstruating folks moving through challenging life transitions, miscarriage, motherhood, menopause and psycho-emotional crises, so they feel safe in their body and enjoy a life that feels true and meaningful to them.

I lead a Quiet, yet powerful Revolution for sacred rebels who are ready to radically trust and follow their own body’s wisdom, release trauma and internalised shame, and erode patriarchy from the inside out.

If you’re ready to unravel the patterns that are holding you back and become the majestic being you’re meant to be, I’d love to support you in that process!

Book a free Connection Call (or send me a mail if you don’t feel ready to meet face-to-face yet) to discuss your personal journey and see if you like my vibe.
If you’ve read this far, I bet we’re going to like each other much!

It’s a call without obligations, so if you decide you’d rather not work with me at this point, there won’t be any hard feelings on my side. Then at least you’ve had a chance to be seen and heard and witnessed in your struggles, and that alone can make a huge difference sometimes.

I’m happy to hold that space for you!

It surprised me how easy the process was and how light I felt after the sessions.

I became more aware of my inner power, that was magical! Even though I might not be able to feel it all the time, now I know it’s there, not only in theory but as a sensation, a feeling. In moments of hesitation, I come back to these sensations and it helps to bring back balance, strength and confidence.

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Marina M.