Navigate life changes true to You

1:1 support through challenging life transitions for women who want to make confident choices
and live a life that’s meaningful to them


… have lost your sense of who you are and what you want from life, always feeling like you need to hide parts of yourself to be acceptable

… feel lost, without direction, because all you’ve defined yourself by doesn’t make sense to you anymore or has broken away

… feel so alone in this, hopeless about your future – everything’s a struggle and even the tiniest bit of a “normal” life sometimes seems like an insurmountable mountain

… experience your life as grey and meaningless, having done and still doing everything that was expected of you or that you thought you wanted from life, but you’re still unfulfilled and dissatisfied

… know you are meant for something greater and could make a meaningful contribution, but don’t know what it might look like

I feel you!

This transformative journey is for you if you want to …

… remember or find your reason to get out of bed in the morning, to go on and thrive despite life’s challenges (not just get by and survive)

… feel good about going at your own pace and finding your own way of being and doing things, that is energetically sustaining

… have confidence to be able to navigate the ebb and flow of life and make empowered decisions, without guilt

… want someone to hold a safe space to process, express and release difficult emotions, so you don’t have to go through it alone

… use your gifts and knowledge to make a contribution to positive change in the world

Katrina May Portrait - Testimonial Soul-based Coaching

I was able to go deep within myself and find that voice of power and hope, discovering metaphors and tools of empowerment, which I could take into my life.
Now, when the clouds threaten to gather, I can hold on to these tools in order to summon up my strength and feel that kick ass woman inside again, taking control of my life without fear.

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Katrina May, (Indonesia)

You know something needs to change!
Through our work together you’ll …

… feel more sure of who you are and what you want from life

… feel confident to navigate challenging situations (or any situation) in a way that feels right to you

… be more deeply connected to yourself and your body

… make decisions based on what’s true for YOU, without guilt

Let’s grab a (virtual) coffee

and talk about what you’re going through, what you would like to have happen and how I can support you on your journey:

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What a typical Soul-Based Coaching session looks like:

We will meet online, from the comfort of our own homes, and work together
in English, French or German.

Every session will start with the same important question: “What would you like to have happen?” and then a special way of questioning will allow you to access the deeper wisdom of your body and soul, without me as a coach interfering with your experience or giving you advice.

This is a deeply empowering process, leaving you confident to be perfectly capable of navigating the ebbs and flows of your life with grace.

True to You is a good fit for you if…

… you’re tired of (well-meant) advice and trying other people’s strategies and want to find “your way”, finding solutions that fit you perfectly and work, because they come from within

… you’re done “toning it down” and want to express your beautiful self, letting your light shine confidently

… you understand that Soul-based Coaching is not counseling or therapy, yet a deeply healing and therapeutic experience led by your own soul-knowing

In our 3-months together you receive:

8 x 60 minutes Soul-based Coaching Sessions
1 x 60 minutes Celebration Session

E-mail support in between sessions

Your energetic exchange

1000,- €

Your next Step:

Book your free Exploration Call

Let’s find out how I can serve and support you on your journey!

Fatime Hyseni Portrait - Testimonial Soul-based Coaching

With Lisa I could simply find my truth on my own, because she asked very special, open questions that led me to my answers. That’s why I was able to integrate all the insights much easier and I’m really happy about my successes.

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Fatime Hyseni, (Germany)