Find out where you keep yourself stuck in a fairy-tale lie, handing over your power to someone or something outside of you, and how to remember that you’re in fact a powerful being that can create a life of their choosing right here, right now.

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Many fairy-tales and other stories that I’ve grown up with (and you might, too) are about beautiful young princesses that are stuck in a situation and need to be rescued by a handsome prince, who will sweep them up on his horse and they live happily ever after

Apart from the gender and skin colour bias most of them show (and why are older women usually the evil witch or the mean stepmother?!?), there’s a deeper problem at hand:

How often have you wished to be that princess, who finally gets recognised for her gifts, her love and devotion, taken out of the situation she’s in, so she can finally enjoy life to the fullest, forevermore?

I know I have …

Let me show you how that way of thinking can keep you stuck in a fairy-tale lie, where you hand your (inner) power over to someone or something outside of you to “come to your rescue”, and how you can remember that you’re in fact a powerful being that can create a life of their choosing right here right now.

In this episode I dive into:

  • The trap of learned helplessness and how to recognise when you’re in it
  • How to regain that sense of inner power when you feel powerless
  • The particular fairy-tale lies I keep myself stuck with
  • Why I actually wouldn’t want a prince to “rescue me” (even though I thought I did)

Enjoy the episode and let me know:

What is your favourite fairy-tale lie that you keep yourself stuck with?
And what could you set in place, so that next time you fall for it, you’ll recognise it sooner (and take your power back)?

Send me a message and let’s have a conversation!

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Book Recommendation: Feminist Fairy Tales by Barbara G. Walker

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