Winter is a time to rest and digest and allow the natural composting to happen – in Nature and in your psyche. But why does resting often feel like the hardest thing to do? Today I unravel societal and personal layers that prevent deep, delicious rest.

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Winter is a time to pause and reflect and allow the natural composting to happen – in Nature and in your subconscious. But why can it sometimes feel so uncomfortable to rest?

Rest is a Revolution, especially in this day and age, where we easily skip this important and inherent part of a regenerative cycle.

Follow me as I unravel the societal and personal layers and narratives that may prevent you from enjoying the deep, delicious rest you crave.

I dive into:

  • Why rest doesn’t feel safe to your nervous system
  • The productive side of rest
  • Why rest needs to be your fuel, not a reward
  • Resources to help you rest more easily and deeply
  • The 7 types of rest according to Dr. Dalton-Smith

Resources I mentioned:

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