Whether you suffer from challenges in your female menstrual or menopausal health, or you’ve got a relatively strong and healthy body – these 5 simple tweaks in your everyday life will go a long way in tending to your optimal (pelvic) health and vitality.

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Through my training in women’s/female (pelvic) health I recognised that there are five fundamental things that we do every day, that, when paid attention to, will make a big difference in your overal health, and your female (pelvic) health in particular.

They not only help soothe your nervous system, reduce anxiety and improve concentration, they also enhance lymphatic and blood flow, keep your muscles smooth and supple (especially the pelvic floor) and help your digestion – thus allowing your body to do its daily repair processes.

Listen in to find out:

  • How you can slow down time (or rather, reduce the speed of life)
  • Why the simple things matter
  • How to breathe well, drink well, chew well, move well and rest well in order to care for your (pelvic) health

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