Today I show you 4 deeper practices that will not only help soothe your nervous system, reduce anxiety and increase energy levels, but also enhance lymph flow, blood flow and digestion, allowing your body to do its daily repair processes.

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Apart from the 5 simple lifestyle tweaks I showed you in the last episode, there are 4 deeper practices that will support your female health / womb health in general, and help ease menstrual or perimenopausal discomfort in particular.

Today I talk about why and how to lead a more anti-inflammatory lifestyle on a physical, emotional, mental and energetic level, so you experience less inner stress and tension, thereby improving your gut health, lymphatic health and nervous system health.

Listen in to find out how to eat well, feel well, think well and surrender well, so you experience more joy in your life, have more energy for the things you love and enjoy doing and keep an optimistic and hopeful outlook on life.

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Podcast Episode “5 Simple Lifestyle Tweaks for Optimal (Pelvic) Health”

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