Join Leslie Ellis and Lisa Jara for an open exploration that aims at unshame-ing the whole decision-making process around whether or not to take HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) and different angles to consider before making a choice.

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Join Leslie Ellis and me for an open and honest conversation about HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) in (Peri)Menopause, the in-built medicine cabinet of your body and different angles to consider in order to make an informed decision for yourself and your body.

This is NOT about giving anyone advice on whether or not external hormones are a good solution (we’re not doctors, after all), but an open exploration that mainly aims at exploring how to not inadvertently shame one another (or our bodies) around loaded topics like this.

We dive into

  • Why it’s important to hold space for different ideas and information and even opinions to be valid at the same time
  • The immense transition your body is going through in perimenopause and how different stressors can disrupt this natural process
  • How Leslie supported herself naturally and why she chose to support her body with bioidentical HRT too

Our goal is for you to become inspired to get all the support you need to make an informed decision for yourself and your body, and thereby take your female health into your own hands!

Resources we mentioned:

Lisa’s “Unlock the Healing Power of your Cycle (in pre-, peri- and post-menopause)”
Leslie’s “4 Realms of Sacred Self-Care”

Happy, Healthy, (W)Holy Menopause Summit recordings

“Slim, Sane, and Sexy” by Jay H. Mead, and Erin T. Lommen

Article: The Controversial History of Hormone Replacement Therapy

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