I’ve personally been burned by and broke with Christian religion as taught by the institution church long ago. But in recent years I’ve come across research and stories that helped me make peace with Christianity as Jesus and Mary taught it.

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Happy Easter!

Do you know how this festival came about and the real reason for celebration?

Because it’s not (just) Jesus dying and rising from the dead – it’s Life itself that’s rising from the death of winter!

People have celebrated the rebirth of Nature, fertility and pleasure long before Christianity became a thing.

But even though I myself have broken with the Christian religion (as taught by the institution church) long ago – having been raised in a Christianised society (like in many parts of the world) still influences me big time, and has me see my pleasure as something dirty and shameful.

It’s only in recent years, since I’ve come across new research, that I began a process of reconnecting with the original teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene – or Yeshua and Mirjam, their original names – and have been able to make peace with Christianity as Jesus and Mary taught it; learning to see pleasure as one of the most natural expressions of life force energy that runs through all of us.

Come along on the journey today, as I dive into

  • The symbolism of Spring Equinox and Easter celebrations
  • The influence of being raised by an uber-religious grandmother on my pleasure and well-being
  • The difference between belief-based religions and cultures of experiencing the Divine in everyday life
  • My personal belief and values (hint: underneath it all, we essentially believe in the same thing)
  • The true teachings of Jesus and Mary

And I’m curious:

What’s your relationship with religion and faith? What’s coming up for you as you hear my words?
I appreciate learning more about you, your story and your views (even when they’re different to mine), so tell me about them:

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Books I mentioned:

“Mary Magdalene Revealed” by Meggan Watterson

“The Moon Under Her Feet” by Clysta Kinstler

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