We have become so disconnected from our desires that we make pelvic health choices from an unhealthy place. Join Aurora Sunu & Lisa Jara in a juicy conversation about awakening your erotic power and sovereignty – or just befriending it as a first step.

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The ancient festival of Beltane was a celebration of the ecstatic life force energy running through all of us. A celebration of fertility, joy, and the erotic nature of, well, Nature!

Unfortunately, in our modern cultures we’ve become so disconnected from our bodies, from our sexuality, from our inner “eros” (our desires) that we tend to make our pelvic health decisions from an unhealthy place.

What would happen if you fell in love with your erotic life force again and claimed your sacred Yes and sacred No from this deep connection to your pelvic bowl?

Join Aurora and me in a juicy conversation as we dive into:

  • Aurora’s journey from sexual trauma and dysregulation to self-empowerment and awe for the sacred science of the body
  • How eroticism, sexuality and pleasure are connected
  • The importance of community in releasing shame and healing from trauma
  • How to develop reverence and awe for your body and rewild yourself
  • The power of the Maybe

Resources we mentioned:

Learn more about Beltane and the Wheel of the Year

As a Pelvic Priestess, Aurora Sunu offers Coaching and Therapies, weaving with the threads of Somatic Sexology, Holistic Pelvic Care, and Fertility and Reproductive Health. Aurora works with a wide range of sexual and pelvic health issues, however, she specialises in working with those that have experienced sexual trauma and subsequent sexual shame, hypertonic pelvic pain conditions such as vaginismus, and menstrual cycle health.

Aurora is in SHAMELESS devotion to supporting women and cyclical beings from menarche to menopause to gain the empowering sexual and pelvic health education that they wish they had, but never got!

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