Why She Inspires Me

Looking for a new kind of self-care experience I googled “facial treatments” in my location and found Gisa Damerius and her studio “Hautgefühl” (German for “skin feeling”).

“Skin feeling”, what a name! I could almost feel the calm and relaxation on my face just by reading it :-) And I was immediately intrigued by her using natural cosmetics products for her treatments, something that had grown in importance for me for a while. I try to avoid the typical prevalent brands, because they often include substances that pollute either the environment (microplastics, mineral/palm oil) or our bodies (parabens, PEGs), and use products that are natural and resource-conserving instead.

Entering Gisa’s studio I knew I was in the right place. The warmth surrounding me and the feeling of being completely held and cared for were incredible. I was allowed to surrender to the moment and just enjoy. Gisa’s fun in working was palpable. THAT’S what work can be like. A sharp contrast to what I have observed around me (and within me, too) for most of my life: Work being something that’s hard, or draining or, in the best of cases, that you’re neutral towards. But to earn money with something that you love with every fibre of your being? An almost revolutionary concept!

And an experience that influenced me deeply. At the time I was already in the middle of changing my professional direction and I had heard or read about examples where people experience deep satisfaction and fulfillment in their work, but in my immediate surroundings I didn’t see much of that. And here was a woman entering my life, who embodied exactly what I want(ed) – work (and life) that you love completely.

And I recommend everyone who happens to come to Aachen, to visit Gisa in her studio and let yourself be inspired by her energy and love of life.

5 Questions for Gisa

Young Gisa Damerius, Young Child
Gisa Damerius Portrait

What is/was your journey?

I grew up in a small town in Schleswig-Holstein (note: a federal state in Germany), parents, 2 older sisters, house, garden plot for vegetables and fruits, meadows and forests to run wild and free. At home there was a lot of talking, laughing, reading, travelling, good food and all of us knew that we could talk about any problem. Us kids were very sportive and still are.

After school and my training to become a biology lab assistant I worked as a trainer myself, which I really enjoyed, but didn’t want to do until retirement.

My professional re-direction brought me to Aachen, with a short employment in a laboratory, which didn’t work out.

Then I became a shop assistant in an organic supermarket and a new world opened up for me. I soon realised that I was in the right work place. I had immense fun communicating with the customers, worked with great food products and had colleagues with the same ideology regarding environment, nature, resources.

After starting my own family and a few years at home, I changed to a different organic supermarket where I had to attend to a bigger cosmetics department. My interest was sparked and through further trainings, trade fairs and visits to different companies for natural cosmetics this became my passion. I trained as beautician and then Dr. Hauschka natural cosmetician and in 2012 got the opportunity to take over the treatment studio of an apothecary.

Since 2015 I now have my own little studio in the heart of the city of Aachen.

What are you passionate about/what lights you up?

Working in my studio really feels like my calling, I’m filled with a deep satisfaction. I can use my hands, my energy and wonderful products to pamper my clients and care for them: well-being, relaxation, relief…

I contribute to my clients’ happiness, put a smile on their face…

I love good food and can relax well when cooking. And I’m even more happy when the table is fully occupied, family and/or friends all eating together and enjoying the company.

How do you try to make a difference?

I have become more equanimous, don’t have to prove myself to anyone, I can let go and say: it’ll work out…

What was your biggest lesson to learn?

How wrong you can be about someone you think you know really well. That has cautioned my belief in the “good” in people.

What is your message to everyone out there?

The time period of our working life is very long, so it’s important to find satisfaction in your everyday work, to stay curious, creative and alive.

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Here you can find out more about Gisa and her work.