Recently a friend told me some very deep stuff about her current health situation and what lay heavy on her heart. And then ended with “I’m sorry, I don’t want to bother you with my heaviness!”

I want to say “it struck me” (she knows that I’m a coach for the dark and difficult phases of life, after all), but it didn’t. Because unfortunately it’s a very common thing to think or say, especially for women or people socialised/raised as women – we’ve been told not to bother anyone.

With our mere presence, with our thoughts and dreams, and most definitley not with our heavy emotional load!

We are expected to take it all in, to be there for everyone else, hold them, care for them, but where are WE allowed to load off our sh*t?

Do you want to know what I say to that?

Please bother me!

Please tell me about your sorrows.

Please let me know if your heart is heavy or angry or frustrated or sad today, or even why that’s the case, if you feel inclined to tell me.

Because I wanna know! Because these things need to be expressed and acknowledged.

And because I know I can “take it”. Well, I don’t actually take it, I simply hold the space for it, so it can be seen and heard and expressed.

So often that’a all it wants. That’s all WE want.

To simply BE – as joyful or as messy as we are in any given moment.

So I tell you once again:

Please bother me!

Use my contact form, send me a mail, reach out on social media, find a way that feels comfortable and safe for you, but do it! You don’t have to keep it all in or tone it down or otherwise restrain your authentic self-expression!

And it doesn’t have to be the heavy stuff, of course, feel free to bother me with your intense and effervescent joy, too! :-)