Our being is a whole/complete and interconnected system – and I love how Soul-based Coaching takes this into account. Because working on one aspect of your life or work/business immediately radiates out towards other aspects, too.

I gifted myself with a session from a good friend of mine and explored how I want to let go of the weight of responsibility that I constantly carry around with me in my day-to-day life. I feel responsible for keeping the peace, making other people happy, taking care of my stuff, my clothes, the household, always trying to keep everything from getting dirty or broken – and it’s plain exhausting! Like a gooey mass that’s pressing down on my shoulders so I can’t breathe properly. And it’s keeping me from feeling truly alive, because it creates this barrier between me and the world around me.

I know it has kept me safe at the same time. And I realised it’s tired, too. So it was actually happy to be able to finally glide off my body today and let me breathe freely, a deep spaciousness opening up inside of me. So I could finally widen my view again and take in all the colours of the world around me. Walking my path, taking a rest every now and again to digest everything I have experienced thus far, and then continuing, ready to take in more. Taking in all the colours of the world, so that my body becomes full of colours on the inside as well. An easeful walk.

Then the guilt crept in, why I could live so easily, without much responsibility, while other people lived in that black-and-white world I had just left behind. And then I realised that it’s a choice. They choose to stay in that world that feels heavy and dismal. But I choose to live in full colour HD! And if they decide they want to live on this side, too, I can help them come over with my work. But if they choose to stay over there, it’s not my responsibility to try and make them happy and convince them how wonderful it is in the lushness over here. I’m stretching out my hand to meet them halfway, but they have to take it.

So while I meant to be working only on one aspect of my personal life, something fundamentally shifted in my whole system. And it radiated out to touch other aspects of my personal life and also aspects of my professional life. Where in most other coaching traditions I would have worked only on releasing the felt responsibility of making others happy and be a good and responsible girl, in Soul-based Coaching I simultaneously worked on all other areas of my life where I feel obliged to carry responsibility that doesn’t belong to me.

And I became clearer on what kind of change I help make through my work, supporting women to get from a life of seemingly hard work, overachieving and trying to make everyone else happy, to a beautiful, colourful, magical world full of possibilities and ease.

When you’re ready to step over the threshold, book an Exploration Session with me ;-)