Soul Client Session

To deeply connect to your ideal client, so you are clear on how to invite them
into an experience of your service

What you’ll get

Basically everything to get you started on inviting your ideal clients into an experience with you (also known as marketing…) :-)

You will leave our session with

  • a deeper understanding of your client, their struggles and desires, so you can show them that you understand where they’re at
  • ideas and material what to write/put on your website (including a basic structure)
  • ideas how to use this in your marketing
  • an assessment of your current (or future) client journey (how they find and contact you and how they would like to be supported through the process of working with you)

How it works

We will meet for 1.5 hours during which I’ll prompt you with different questions, to find out what exactly your client experiences (their current challenges) as well as their desires (the results they want) and which words they would use to describe it all. This will be the basis for your marketing material.

We will also do a guided meeting with one of your soul-aligned clients, so you/we can ask them some questions around your (ideal or existing) offer(s).

The session will be recorded, so you can go back to it and write down your client’s wording, which you can use on your website and in your marketing material.

What’s included:

1 session of 1.5 hours

1 recording

Your energetic exchange:

222 EUR

Your next step: