… because dreams DO happen!

I went to my favourite art store the other day to get inspired and found a beautifully designed notebook that I immediately wanted to buy. Knowing myself and that I am good at starting notebooks but not at finishing writing in them, I asked myself why I really felt the urge to buy it, and it was actually “just” about the picture on it, which made my heart light up. Because it said this in beautiful colours:

Dream big – because dreams DO happen!

My soul sang when I read the words, which deeply resonate.
For a big part of my life I’ve heard from my family of origin how my dreams were too big. How the vision I had of a world where we can cherish and value the “other” for showing us different perspectives and new possibilities, where everyone is valued for their unique contribution to the whole and where all of us are able to navigate the waves of Life consciously, out of love and trust instead of fear, was impossible, never going to happen. That I should come back down to earth from my place in the clouds and be more realistic.

But the truth is: no extraordinary things can happen if we don’t allow ourselves to dream big! This is true for new inventions as much as it is in business/entrepreneurship or in coaching – that’s why I love Soul-based Coaching so much, it invites everything in, no matter how improbable it seems to our rational mind. Because if we stifle the dream from the start already, how could it ever come true? And I know that not every dream might become reality – but what if the reality that comes out of your dream is even better than the dream itself?

So I give myself permission to dream – can you give yourself permission, too? Because the world needs our dreams. Everything that we see around us has come out of a dream someone had, no matter if it’s our mobile phone or social change. Martin Luther King had a dream. Gandhi had a dream. And there are a thousand examples of people who unfortunately didn’t make it to world fame. But they had a dream. Many if not all of them have been told they have too big an imagination. And yet, only because they believed in their dream did they find the strength to work towards it and birth it into reality.
(I’ve recently watched the mini series “The billion dollar code” on Netflix which absolutely strengthened this belief that our dreams and imagination are needed, so if you haven’t watched it yet, go for it!)

In the end I didn’t buy the notebook, because I try not to buy stuff that I don’t really need. But I took a picture and bought a sheet of white paper and drew/painted the beautiful cover myself – which was far more satisfying anyway :-). May it inspire you to dream bigger, too – because the world needs your dreams!

And if you want support to make the necessary changes and realise your dream, let’s meet for a (virtual) coffee and create some magic together. You can book a free Exploration Call here, where you’ll get crystal clear on your vision and what might still be in the way, so you can allow the necessary shifts to unfold – with or without my support ;-).

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