How do you start charting your cycle?

By charting the unknown and ever-changing landscape of your body's cycle (pre-, peri- and post-menopause), you will recognise and embrace the power and wisdom you already hold within you!

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A simple approach

The simplest way to chart your cycle and start getting attuned to what’s going on inside of you, is by keeping track of the Day of your cycle, the date, the inner season or phase you’re in and three words that express how you are on that day.

Here is an example:
Today I’m on my Day 20, in my inner autumn / luteal phase and my three words are eager, driven and vulnerable.

That’s it, that’s all you need to do to start charting your cycle.

From here, you follow this process for a few cycles/months (I recommend at least three), and then you can start looking for patterns. Place the cycle charts next to each other and see if there are phases where you used similar words, words that expressed a similar quality or mood.

I would love to hear from you about your experiences and you can of course reach out any time if you’ve got questions!

Teaser for Cycle Tracking Booklet

I’ve created a little booklet for you to start charting your personal cycle (menstrual or moon cycle) right away. You can download it here:

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Your cycle is your compass, showing you your True North at menstruation and bringing you back home to yourself, cycle by cycle!

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