Because life’s too short to dread “that time of the month” …

Your relationship with your body and your menstrual cycle has always been difficult.

You suffer from PMS (or the worse form, PMDD), painful bleeds, endometriosis, irregular cycles, PCOS or (peri)menopausal challenges.

Chances are you’ve been to all the doctors, not understanding what the heck is going on with your body, but all you hear is “there’s nothing we can do” …

You’re left alone with a million questions nobody seems to have answers for.

Your symptoms are derailing your whole life and you have no one to talk to, because doctors send you away with prescriptions for surgery, hormones or painkillers (or even suggest it is “only in your head”) and it’s such a taboo topic you don’t know who to turn to.

But you don’t want to resign.
You want a solution.
A natural solution.

One that leaves you feeling like the POWERFUL BEING THAT YOU ARE instead of a hopeless case!

I’m here to tell you that there is indeed another way.

Happy   Healthy  Period

3-Month 1:1-Support to feel at Home in your Body again

For women and menstruating folks who want to holistically and naturally (i.e. without artificial hormones or surgery) address the deeper causes of their menstrual health challenges, so they no longer dread “that time of the month”, but trust their body to guide them through life instead.

Through our time together you’ll …

intimately connect to your body and its processes, so you understand the messages it’s sending you and know exactly how you can support each other.
By learning to speak its (cyclical) language, you’ll no longer be scared or confused about what’s going on, but experience a sense of predictability and control, intuitively reaching for thoughts, foods and practices that are nourishing to both of you.

activate your body’s innate capacity for healing and its built-in medicine cabinet.
Deep lymphatic work, powerful self-massage practices and exquisite relaxation techniques will soothe your frayed nervous system and help your body detoxify and access its own inner pharmacy. As a result, your symptoms will soften, leaving you feeling safe and relaxed and probably more vibrant and alive than you have in a long time.

I can’t promise you that all of your symptoms are going to go away, especially not in this comparably short time, but I can promise you a different way of relating to them! The practices we’re going to explore together will stay with you and continue to work long after our adventure has ended.

confidently reclaim your womb space and your sacred Yes’s and – more importantly – No’s, so you prioritise your own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing and what really matters to you.
You’ll feel comfortable in your own skin, effortlessly leading from your body’s wisdom & intuition with unshakable trust in yourself and its guidance.

… step out of having barely enough energy for the basics of life, into enjoying time with yourself, your family and your loved ones – without worrying about symptoms. Instead of anxiety and panic around your period, you’ll feel safe to rest and refuel your batteries, because you CHOOSE it.
By tapping into the regenerative nature of your cycle, seeing your period as your sacred rest time, you can finally release the myth of productivity that patriarchal-capitalist hustle-culture has told you and have more energy for the fun things in life.

feel (emotionally) resourced and filled up, so you can live your life from a place of love and overflow.
By learning how to care for your nervous system and process intense and difficult emotions like fear, anger, grief or shame in a safe way, you will find huge relief and deep self-acceptance, believing in your ability to navigate life on your terms.

Take your menstrual health into your own hand and trust your body and cycle to guide you through life!

“I was missing this completely different type of understanding of a woman’s cycles and menstruation and what it has to do with our traumas and with our experience – all these factors are ignored in modern medicine.

And now I feel really relieved because I know that something is healing in me!”

What’s included in Happy Healthy Period:

  • 1x Sacred Cycle Deep Dive – a 90-minute immersive heart-to-heart with your cycle to learn how it can become your resourceful and supportive ally in life – feel more connected, grounded and at peace with your cyclical experience (including recording).

  • 9x 90-minute bespoke Coaching Sessions – 3x per month, one week off for rest and reflection; includes recordings of each session, so you can go back to process and marvel at the wisdom you found inside of yourself

  • 1x 60-minute Celebration Session to honour and integrate your journey, and to address any lingering questions you’d like to talk through (including recording)

  • Homeplay Exercises, Embodiment Practices, Self-Massage Techniques and Guided Audios tailored to your needs, to deepen the connection with yourself and your body

  • 3 Months of Direct Chat Support via Signal/Voxer/WhatsApp/email in-between sessions, to verbal-process what’s coming up for you, address questions, doubts or fears and also celebrate all your bigger and smaller milestones!
    THIS is my clients’ favourite part of the journey, because it helps you integrate the insights and healing of our coaching into your daily life, knowing that there’s always someone on the other end listening and cheering you on!

Your investment in yourself
(and your happy, healthy period):

3 monthly payments of € 500
(approx. 545 USD)

If you need a different payment plan,
simply reach out and let’s discuss how to make it happen!

Let’s grab a (virtual) coffee

to get to know each other and look at where you want to be in 3 to 6 months from now with regards to your situation, what challenges you’re facing, what I sense could be helpful on your journey of getting there and – possibly – how I can support you:

Lisa Jara Logo on Coffee Mug

Note: If we don’t think it’s a great fit for you right now, I’m happy to point you to some resources that will support you in your next steps. Full permission to turn me down if you think now is not the right time!

The idea of meeting me on a call feels intimidating?
How about you send me a mail instead?

This is a whole-body approach, so we are going address your physical, emotional, mental AND spiritual/energetic level – be prepared to go deep with me ;-)!

Since it is a bespoke journey unique to you, and life is never a straight line anyway, I can’t tell you the exact steps and practices we are going to take.
Here are some examples of what we might cover in our time together (personalised to you and your needs):

  • Soul-based Coaching (a holistic approach that draws on the power and wisdom of your body-heart-mind-and-soul system to create sustainable healing and change from the inside out)

  • Nervous System Soothing (vagus nerve activation strategies and healing practices that will anchor a new sense of calm and peace in your whole system, resulting in pain relief and feeling deeply comfortable in your own skin)

  • Lymphatic Work (potent and deep lymph massage practices that will help your body detoxify and reduce inflammation and chronic (pelvic) pain)

  • Self-Massage Practices (delightful and powerful self-massage and vibrational healing techniques to release tension and emotional stress from your heart, gut and womb, so you can support your body and wellbeing as the basis of life)

  • Embodied Cyclical Living (a daily spiritual-feminist practice of observing your personal rhythms and the cycles of Moon, Sun and Life, to feel connected to yourself, your body and the Universe (or whatever you call this universal, loving presence holding us all) and experience a sense of predictability and control)

  • Nutrition (create balance in your body through simple, powerful nutrition changes and a liver-supporting diet that will eliminate inflammation, reset your immune system, and make you feel nourished on all levels of your being)

  • Embodiment Practices (customised exercises and meditations to decondition your mind and get back in touch with your body, so you learn to be present with what is without judgment and experience a greater sense of ease and peace in your life)

Being in my body sounded like heaven to me. I was able to go deep within myself and find that voice of power and hope – now, when the clouds threaten to gather, I can summon up my strength and feel that kick ass woman inside, taking control of my life without fear and lifting up others around me as well.

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Katrina May, (Indonesia)

Hi, I’m Lisa (she/her), and I have a really good idea of what you’re going through.

I’ve suffered from excruciating menstrual pain for years. At some point, even painkillers stopped working and I was left bedridden for several days when I was on my period, nauseous from the pain.

Portrait Lisa Jara

And while I wish I could tell you I’m free of pain now and know exactly what you need to do to get rid of all your symptoms within a week, that would be a big fat lie!

My story doesn’t have that kind of Happy Ending (yet).

I still experience pain and some other symptoms every month, albeit drastically softened.

But over the years I’ve learned how to support my body in her processes. I know how to listen to the messages she’s sending me and what I can do to support her. I know how to read the map of my cyclical experience (my menstrual cycle) and how I can live WITH my rhythms instead of fighting against my body all the fucking time.

It’s such a relief. And it makes the possible symptoms so much easier to bear – for me at least.

Oh, and the painkillers started to work again, so now I can consciously CHOOSE to go light on myself during my period. Not because I must, but because I can. Given that lying down in horrendous pain isn’t quite relaxing anyway, this is much better! :-)

So, if you are ready for a nourishing relationship with your body, where you are going to soften and reduce your symptoms so you can feel more vibrant and alive and connected to yourself than you have in years, I’d love to support you in that process!

Book a free Connection Call (or send me a mail if that’s more your thing) to discuss your personal journey and see if you like my vibe.
If you’ve read this far, I bet we’re going to like each other much!

It’s a call without obligations, so if you decide you’d rather not work with me at this point, there won’t be any hard feelings on my side. Then at least you’ve had a chance to be seen and heard and witnessed in your struggles, and that alone can make a huge difference sometimes.

I’m happy to hold that space for you!