Nourish your body, heart, mind and soul for a magical transition into the second half of your life!

Photo of a middle aged person with long, dark blond hair, pulling up a black velvety hood over their head and looking conidently to a spot to the left upper side of the viewer

Most of us have heard about all the symptoms that can show up in peri-menopause:

Hot flashes, insomnia / trouble sleeping, fatigue, mood swings, anxiety, weight gain, depression, brain fog, aching joints, …

It’s not all in your head!

But do you understand the powerful shifts you’re going through on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual-energetical level as you transition through midlife?

It’s information we should’ve been taught at school, but well …

When you know how to care for your body, heart, mind and soul and learn how to navigate this transition day by day, in your own unique way, that’s when the magic happens and you start embracing this Rite of Passage on a completely different level – even if you experience symptoms!


Happy   Healthy  Menopause

3-Month 1:1-Support to feel at Home in your Body and your Life

For women and menstruating folks who want to holistically and naturally (i.e. without medication or hormones) address the deeper causes of their perimenopausal health challenges, so they no longer dread “that period of life”, but trust their body to guide them through it instead.

In “Happy Healthy Menopause” I offer holistic and natural support on your perimenopause journey, so you …

shift out of chronic stress, anxiety and depletion into a sense of safety and deep relaxation in your body

confidently navigate the landscape of your changing body, knowing how to care for it and build a relationship

activate your body’s built-in medicine cabinet to reduce inflammation, boost immune function and balance your hormones – for greater vitality and vibrancy, easing symptoms associated with perimenopause in the process

✨ connect to your inner wisdom, your sacred Yes and No, to make decisions based on what feels right for YOU, without guilt

feel emotionally well-resourced, staying calm and connected to yourself, even in moments of overwhelm or distress

Perimenopause is not a disease, it’s a powerful journey into your wisdom years!

And I want you to have happy, healthy experience that leaves you feeling radiant and fully capable of navigating life with all its twists and turns!

Your perimenopause journey is as unique as your fingerprint – why would you want generalised support?

*we will look at what’s happening in your life right now, what you’re going through and where you would like to be in 3-6 months time, and then discuss how I could support you on your journey and whether or not working together would be a good fit right now


I’m currently still developing the specifics of the program and this page. It’s going to be a 3-month journey, with 1x 90-minute Soulbatical, 9x 90-minute coaching sessions, a 60-minute Celebration session and direct (text/voice) chat support in between, all tailored to you and your needs, for € 500 per month for 3 months (approx. 545 USD per month).

Book your complimentary consultation to discuss what the journey would look like for you and how “Happy Healthy Menopause” can support you exactly in your situation. I’m looking forward to connecting with you!