In our society, (peri)menopause has a bit of a bad reputation and today I shine a light on the underlying dynamics for menopause-associated symptoms, so you can support yourself through the transition and make it as easeful as possible for you.

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(Peri)Menopause is possibly the most pivotal and powerful transition in the life of a woman or a menstruating person and needs to be understood and appreciated as such.

Unfortunately, in our society it also has a bit of a bad reputation.

I want to shine a light on the underlying dynamics for menopause-associated symptoms and how to support yourself through the transition. Because even though you’ll most likely experience at least some of the symptoms, when you feel well rested and emotionally nourished, everything’s going to be easier to handle and you’ll not experience them as suffering.

In the episode I dive into:

  • The difference between perimenopause, menopause and post menopause
  • The physical shifts happening in the body during the perimenopause transition
  • The main disruptor and contributor to menopause-associated symptoms
  • Physical, emotional, mental and energetic stressors that influence the experience
  • How to prepare for a transition that’s as easeful as possible

Resources I mentioned:

Free Summit “Happy, Healthy, (W)Holy Menopause”

A Fireside Chat about Menopause with Angela Counsel

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