All beings are cyclical and whether you’re pre-, peri- or post-menopause, you have a cycle. Today I share how you can learn to read it like a compass so it becomes your best friend and ally to navigate life.

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Every woman and/or menstruating person is moving through a powerful process of death and rebirth every month.

Today I explain how to read your cycle like a compass, so it serves you as ally and guide through life. Knowing how your cycle works you on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) will help you gain a sense of groundedness and predictability, so you no longer feel thrown around by thoughts and emotions, but like you’re surfing the waves of your life with confidence.

I dive into:

  • The different kinds of cycles
  • Why cycle charting is the foundation for building an intimate relationship with your body
  • The four phases of your cycle and how you can use them as a compass to navigate life
  • A special invitation to a free workshop I’m testing

Resources I mentioned:

Free Mini-Course “Unlock the Healing Power of Your Cycle”

Podcast episodes on the four inner seasons:
Inner Winter
Inner Spring
Inner Summer
Inner Autumn

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