Mystical Twelve  Holy Nights

A powerful ritual to close the old year and dream in the new

The Twelve Holy Nights are a time when the veils between our world and the Otherworld are thin, and we draw inward to gather in circle, connect back to our roots, reflect on the past year and also start envisioning the new one.

I celebrate this special time from December 25 to January 5 and invite you to come on this journey with me!

If you …

  • are ready to let go of the Old to make room for the New

  • long for some precious you-time to replenish and reconnect with yourself and what you want in life

  • would like to use simple daily rituals to bring some stability into the chaos of everyday life

  • would like to remember/find out what’s important to you, what lights you up, so you can integrate more of that into your life in the upcoming year

  • want to create more magical moments in your life

… this course is for you!

If you’d like to know more about the Twelve Holy Nights, you can find an article here “What are the Twelve Holy Nights?”.

What others say:

To be honest, I loved everything! The way you approach the topic, the beautifully written emails, the useful and easy to digest content (especially as a newbie), the valuable suggestions for rituals, the journaling prompts, your mindful and loving way to hold the space, it was simply amazing!

What’s included?

  • Live Winter Solstice Ceremony (online, 1.5 hours) to tune into the energy of the Twelve Holy Nights (replay available, if you can’t make it live)

  • Daily e-mails between December 25 and January 5 with the topic of the respective Holy Night, inspiration for rituals and journaling questions

  • Short audio meditations or little love notes throughout the Twelve Holy Nights

  • A Community Sharing Circle (online, 1 hour) to hold space for each other’s experience, ask questions and connect

  • A Closing and Integration Circle (online, 1.5 hours) for sharing and journaling to close and integrate the experience (replay available if you can’t make it live)

This might seem like a lot, and I invite you to only take and do what feels right to you from any suggestions I might make – and ditch the rest! This time between the years is primarily a time for yourself, with focus on rest and recovery!

I will offer this course again in December 2022!

If you want to be informed when it opens for registration, contact me vie email or my contact form, or sign up for Soul Mail, my weekly-ish Quiet Revolution, and receive inspiration to live a life true to yourself as well as updates on my events and articles.

I’m looking forward to having you on the journey!

What others say

You have such an empathetic way of writing, and getting the emails straight into my inbox was very handy. I didn’t have to log on anywhere and could simply browse them when I needed some inspiration.

The course is done really well, you meet me where I am and don’t overwhelm me with too much information. It was so easy to incorporate into my daily life.