I had coaching with Lisa whilst going through a break up, which has been very painful particularly because it wasn’t what either of us wanted but for many reasons both knew it was how it had to be. Talking with Lisa was like a lifeline, no one in my life seemed to understand the situation, comprehend how much pain I was in or I how I was struggling to cope. Consequently I felt very alone and questioned myself for feeling that way (after all, no had died).

Lisa held space for me so beautifully and lead me to listen to myself and hear what I really needed. She helped me realise that it was a grief I was experiencing and that a voice inside of me was making what I needed quite clear, but I had been resisting.

Since our coaching I have carried this wisdom within me, referring back to that voice that does know what I need, despite my own judgements about what I ‘should’ be doing. Giving myself this permission to do what I needed to (namely time, rest and retreat) felt like a relief, a real gift.

Lisa offered unconditional support and let go of judgement and control. She has an incredible gift for listening and holding space and guiding you gently to find the answers and comfort you seek.