An interview with Sandra Himsl

In this video, Sandra and I discuss possibilities to track your own (menstrual) cycle and why this can be important.

00:14 Who Sandra is and what she does
01:19 What “cyclic living” includes for Sandra
03:30 Cycle tracking when you don’t have a menstrual cycle (anymore)
05:18 Ways to track your cycle
05:43 No. 1: Basal body temperature
06:35 No. 2: Cervical mucus
08:08 No. 3: The cervix
10:10 Cycle tracking for people without menstrual cycle
11:19 Sandra’s own story and why she thinks it important to track your own cycle
15:00 Sandra’s message to the world

You can find more about Sandra and her work on her website or on her Instagram channel.

The interview was conducted in German, but I have provided English subtitles.


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