In conversation with Lauren Elizabeth

What does feminism have to do with business? Isn’t it only about women fighting for women’s rights? (Hint: No!) How can we do business and coaching from a feminist perspective? And why should we even learn to apply a more feminist approach, both to life and to business?

I’ve recently had the great pleasure to speak to feminist business coach Lauren Elizabeth about why the future of business needs to be more feminist, which harmful strategies she sees used in the market (both from a business’ as well as a consumer’s perspective) and how politics, business and personal life are interconnected.

Her message is very dear to my heart, as I’m trying myself to live and work by my feminist values. Both of us see feminism as an intersectional movement to create a culture where everyone can thrive and be(come) fully self-expressed. We try to unravel harmful conditioning and thought patterns that we have absorbed since childhood in our own systems first, and then to find different ways of being, thinking and doing our work in the world that feel more aligned with our Truth.

Listen in if you want to find out why feminism isn’t just about women fighting for women’s rights and why all of us “should” apply a more feminist approach to both business and life.

[Or learn how I coach in a feminist way HERE.]

We speak about:

00:29 Who Lauren is and what she does
02:09 What feminism means to her
06:20 How politics, business and personal life are interconnected
10:46 What kind of patriarchal, hyper capitalist strategies and structures she sees out there (both as a business owner and consumer)
19:31 Which values lie at the heart of her feminist business
28:09 How she applies her feminist principles to her coaching
36:30 Tips how each one of us can incorporate a more feminist approach into our lives
39:22 Lauren’s message to the world
41:39 Where you can find her

You can find more about Lauren’s work on her website  and in her free online community,
and you can follow her on Instagram!


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