Why do we believe the road to where we want to go is straight?

Do you also love to have a step-by-step plan to achieve a certain result in your life?

“Do THIS and you will get THAT!”

I, or rather my brain, likes that, too. Because it seems simple, controlled …

But in case you haven’t noticed: Life doesn’t work that way ;-)!

Life is messy, complicated, confusing.

And cyclical.

It cannot be controlled. (Ever tried to pull the grass so it grows faster? ;-))

So the question is, can we tap into what we would like to have happen, get really clear on what that would feel like, taste like, who we would be(come) – and then let go of our ideas of how this can or has to come about? Trusting that our system and whatever loving force is out there will support us on our journey towards it?

Can we be okay with not knowing exactly which steps will be necessary?
When exactly the change is going to happen?
What exactly the outcome will look like?
Because even if the outcome doesn’t look like you envisioned it – what if it’s so much better than you could ever have imagined?

It’s a question of deep trust, trust in Life itself and trusting that we’re always in the exact place and at the exact stage we need to be in for our divine purpose to unfold. And that magic is possible!

How do we develop that kind of trust in the face of the uncertainty and unknown that change inevitably brings with it?

I believe we don’t need to, rather, part of us always has and always will trust Life. It’s just that our human brain and nervous system have temporarily forgotten. Because we were born with this trust. We were born, believing ourselves fully worthy to be respected and cared for. We demanded to be fed and loved and made our voice heard :-)

And then, over time, many of us learned to forget. Because of what people told us. Because of how people reacted to us, to our being and doing. Because of what we saw happening in the world. Our brain and nervous system learned to trust less and mistrust more, in order to keep us safe.
It’s not a bad thing per se, it’s what any healthy brain and nervous system would do, whose job is to protect us and keep us alive!

But I believe underneath all of these thoughts and beliefs and trauma, there’s still that part in us that was born trusting. The part that is still connected to the Mystery – which is just another word for the Unknown (which seems so scary). The part that trusts in Life and that Life has its own, cyclical and spiral way of making sense. And will magically unfold if we don’t try to control it too much.

Are you ready to take that leap of faith?

Are you ready to uncover your trust in Life and your inherent, infinite worth and venture into the Unknown – or the Mystery – to call in the change you want in your life, at your pace, in a way that deeply fulfills you?

I 100% believe that you can do it!

And if you want a coach by your side who knows how to take the cycles and spirals of life into account, who understands how to guide the change process according to YOUR own wisdom, who can hold space for all of life’s messiness and raw emotions while having deep trust that it unfolds exactly as it needs for you to get to where you want, then let’s have a (virtual) coffee and find out how we can make magic happen together! Simply send me a mail or book an Exploration Call.

I’m looking forward to supporting your dreams!