An Interview with Tina Wittholm

What does a Philosophical Practitioner do?

I talked to Tina Wittholm who runs a philosophical practice and if you’re anything like me, philosophy and practice (= practical application) don’t necessarily seem related. At least for me, I always thought philosophy is about theories and thought processes, but has little to do with our everyday life – how wrong I was!

When I met Tina I was fascinated how she applies her philosophical knowledge to our everyday life, to help us move through life in a more easeful and confident way. Inviting us to think for ourselves and get in touch with our own inner compass, our Truth.

That’s definitely something that’s important to me in my own work, too, so I’m happy to have had the chance to interview her!

Tina’s mission is to bring philosophy back to where it belongs: to the people! In our conversation you’ll learn how philosophy and our daily life are connected and how we can use philosophical insights to live our lives more easefully.

We speak about

00:10 Who Tina is and what she does
00:53 What the Philosophical Practice is about
02:48 How she came to her nickname “Weltkind” (= child of the world)
03:48 What philosophy is about and how it relates to our practical reality
11:00 Which topics Tina focuses on with her clients
14:10 How Tina works with people who have a lot of self-doubt
17:00 How the Philosophical Practice differs from Coaching
19:10 Tina’s own story
24:05 How the concepts of what’s “normal” or “not normal” change over time
26:10 The fly in the glas, a philosophical thought
28:29 How you can contact Tina

More about her and her work can be found on her Webseite or on Instagram.


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