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Death in this western part of the world is a scary thing, it feels like the end of something, losing something. We are no longer connected to what was, the history, the happy memories, so it feels really brutal, a painful process.

Maybe our pain can be carried in a way that is infused with beauty, when we realise this is how nature, the universe, the cosmos works. It works in shapes that are circular, it works through cycles, it works through seasons.

And as we go through those seasons, we are able to experience a rebirth of something, of a pattern, of a relationship, and it gives so much room for new things, new growth, new perspectives.

And that is where the beauty is, whenever we let go of the old pattern, we’re actually making room for a new one, one that we hopefully get to consciously choose and create and design into our life.

In today’s Fireside Chat, my guest Yanaëlle Ntwa and I speak about:

01:58 Who Yanaëlle is and our cycle check-in
05:19 Yanaëlle’s perspective on the Beauty of Death as a necessary step in human evolution
09:05 The little deaths we die all the time, especially as women and/or people who bleed, and what we can learn from them about Life
12:33 Yanaëlle’s and my musings about what happens after the death of a body
16:55 Death is a transition and it’s less painful when we open to its teachings
21:06 Yanaëlle’s journey with anxiety around Death and what helped/helps her move through it
26:53 We are never truly as alone as we might think
29:56 Through writing/journaling, meditating or Nature walks we can connect back to this neutral observer within, drop the chatter of the mind and see the bigger picture
35:45 The cycles help us strengthen our truth and identity
38:29 How to connect with Yanaëlle and read some of her poetry
39:32 Yanaëlle’s message for us: Let it be. Let them be.

My podcast episode about forgiveness that I mentioned: Epoisode 9 – Forgiveness and Closure in December

Yanaëlle Ntwa is a writer and a brand poet. She teaches business owners how to hone their storytelling skills in their business and writes poetry for brands who want more soul in their copy.
Read her poetry and connect with her on Facebook.

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I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

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