Nobody likes the messy middle of change, that’s why we hire coaches. And since as a coach I’m drawn to the places of transition, the crossroads, the life crises, I wonder why it’s so much easier to hold others through their stuff, but not myself?

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Nobody likes the messy middle of change, but that’s what I as a coach am particularly drawn to:

The transitions, the crossroads, the life crises.

Because I trust the space we create, I trust your process and I trust your inner light to guide us along the journey.

But I wonder, why is it so much easier to love others and hold them through their struggle, than it is to hold ourselves, let alone allow others to love and hold us?

So I’m diving into:

  • Why Friday 13 is a double-lucky day
  • What I learned in a puddle of tears on the floor
  • Why I love life crises (even though it’s weird to admit)
  • The mental, emotional and societal layers that make it easier to hold others through transitions, but not yourself
  • Why it’s important to develop (or rather, remember) the loving, compassionate inner witness and how it will help your nervous system to relax, and your system to find resolution

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