This episode is your permission slip (if you needed any) to not be, feel or show up the same every day! You are constantly influenced by many different cycles inside/around you, so it’s okay and ENOUGH to show up exactly as you are right here, right now!

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Key takeaway for many people from my work (whether that’s clients, family or friends):

“What a relief to know that I don’t have to be the same every day!”

In a society that glorifies linear progress and treating human beings (and other beings, too) like machines or resources to be exploited, it’s a courageous act to remember, that we’re in fact cyclical beings, constantly influenced by a myriad of different cycles, that make it impossible to not have fluctuations in mood, energy, emotions or mental capacity.

So today I bring you a mini guided exploration to anchor in the belief/knowing that you don’t have to be, feel or show up the same every day!

This is your permission slip to be your whole self, exactly as you are today, right in this moment!

Love you!

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