Find out where you keep yourself stuck in the Paradise lie, working, pushing and giving in the hope of a future reward – and how to remember your power of choice, using pleasure and celebration to build Paradise right here in your life.

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Growing up in a Christian belief system (whether or not you’re actually Christian or believe in the teachings of the bible), many of us have been indoctrinated with a high work ethic and the narrative that we need to work (hard), push and (over)give now, in order to earn some reward later on.

It’s closely connected to the Fairy-Tale Lie I talked about last week:
If you work and sacrifice yourself enough now, one day you’ll get found and rescued by your prince who is going to take you to Paradise and you will never have to worry or work another day in your life.

It’s basically waiting for someone else to say “you’re finally enough, you’ve done enough, sacrificed enough, worked hard enough to “deserve” this.

And all it does is keep you stuck in cycles of burnout and resentment, because the societal systems aren’t set up for you to ever reach this reward.

It’s even turned against you, with the idea that “if you haven’t reaped your reward yet, well, you probably haven’t worked (hard) enough for it, so keep on pushing” …

But what if you could start building your own Paradise right here on Earth, in your own life?

By recognising your power of choice and the power of pleasure and celebration right here in the moment, you’ll discover that everything you need to feel fulfilled and successful on your own terms is already inside of you.

So in today’s episode I dive into:

  • My definition of the Paradise Lie, which is a systemic problem, not an individual one
  • Examples of how it shows up in my own life
  • How we’re kept in a cycle of resentment and burnout and self-policing
  • Why it’s a good thing that (according to the bible) “Eve got us kicked out of Paradise”
  • How pleasure and celebration can in fact be acts of social transformation
  • Ways how to release intense emotions and recognise your power of choice

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