Winter isn’t a season for new beginnings, but very potent for setting intentions and planting the seeds for what you want to call into your life during this new cycle. Today I share why New Year’s Resolutions often fail and what you can do instead.

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Have you ever set New Year’s resolutions only to find that by the end of January you have already forgotten about them? Or that there is this nagging feeling every time you “force” yourself to follow up on them?

How is it, that while we may feel so exuberant and ready to start afresh at New Year’s, it often feels like hard work to keep that momentum going?

Today I dive into:

  • Why winter isn’t the season for new beginnings (neither is summer in the Southern Hemisphere)
  • The crux about goal-setting and why it can be detrimental to your psycho-emotional health
  • A juicy practice that you can do instead of New Year’s resolutions to help you make positive shifts in more than one area of your life

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