Reducing toxins in your kitchen and nourishing your body for optimal female health

Join the powerful combination of a Menstrual & Menopausal Health Specialist and a Healthy Cooking Coach on a deep dive into all things nutrition, gut health and reducing toxins in your kitchen to nourish your body and soul for optimal female health.

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How can you prepare food in a way that allows less toxins and more nutrients to enter your body?

And why does it matter to your female and womb health in particular?

I’m so happy to have my guest Julie Neustadter with me, a breast cancer survivor turned Healthy Cooking Coach, to nerd out on ideas for healthi-er and nutritious food choices, cooking procedures and different layers of detoxification in your environment and in your body.

We dive into

  • Julie’s story and how she became a Holistic Health Coach and Cookware-Toxins-Expert
  • Why it’s important to detox first, before bringing more nutrients in
  • The relationship between your gut and your female health
  • What to pay attention to when buying and preparing your food
  • How you can diversify your vitamin, mineral and fibre intake

Our goal is for you to become inspired and excited to experiment and take your health into your own hands!

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Get in touch with Julie:

Julie Neustadter – Healthy Cooking Coach and Educator
Instagram: @flavor_me_healthy_
Facebook: @julie.neustadter
Phone: +1 415 717 3578

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