Hayley Anderson and Lisa Jara dive deeper into the hardships and challenges mothers face – especially the patriarchal myth of the “perfect mother” – and how we unravel our own conditioning, loving ourselves in the process, biases and all.

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My guest Hayley Anderson and I are here to shed light on the hardships and challenges parents, and especially mothers, face and how harmful it can be to normalize them or uphold the patriarchal myth of the “perfect mother”.

After our “Fireside Chat about the Challenges of Mothering and Motherhood” (episode 44), we continued chatting, and the more we talked, the deeper we went and unearthed some juicy insights that we didn’t want you to miss.

So this episode is a series of snippets of conversation that happened after our recording, that show how we unravel our own conditioning and try to love ourselves in the process, biases and all.

Join us as we dive into:

  • the liberation and healing I personally experienced from my conversation with Hayley
  • the conflict between putting your children first and prioritising yourself
  • busting the patriarchal myth of a “perfect mother/parent”
  • making the conscious decision to allow the world to raise our children, too
  • a radically different perspective on the mother-child-relationship

Resources we mentioned:

A Fireside Chat about the Challenges of Mothering and Motherhood, on the podcast or on YouTube.

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About Hayley:
Hayley is a mother working to restore life-sustaining connections between body, cycles, soul and the land that supports us. Through her offerings as a birth story listener, sensory herbalist and fertility awareness method educator, she guides menstruators and birthing people towards easeful fertility cycles and matriarchal post-birth experiences.

She is passionate about creating a menstrual health culture where the cycle is understood as an initiatory pathway to wellness, wisdom, elderhood, cultural and ecological restoration. Her work offers a place for our experiences and stories around fertility, conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, matrescence to be witnessed and honoured for the power and significance they carry.

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