What if it’s not a “midlife” crisis, but an existential or identity crisis that can come about at any age?

What if a “midlife crisis” (which I believe isn’t necessarily tied to a certain age, but is more likely something happening in the middle of living your life) is actually a period of awakening?
Of realising that you’ve built your life around someone else’s standards and expectations of you?

Suddenly the life you’ve created doesn’t make sense anymore, there are so many unhelpful beliefs and uncomfortable feelings coming up and you just don’t know what to do any longer… Life has lost its spark…

The thing is, what will help you most right now is actually sitting down and facing all of that. Assessing and evaluating your life, uncomfortable as it may be.
Clearing the debris and baggage you carry and sensing into what feels most joyful, nourishing and expansive to you right now.
Because THAT’S your truth, that’s who YOU are. And it might run contrary to what everyone else in your surroundings will tell you is the right thing to do, feel or believe.

A (midlife/quarterlife/emotional) crisis is an awakening from the slumber we’ve lived in so far, and an opportunity to get back into the driver’s seat of our life and steer it into a direction we’re actually looking forward to going.

This might already seem like the hardest thing, how to find out what we really want… After all, how often have we been asked or asked ourselves this question?
But we can get closer to that by letting a first answer emerge, start moving into its direction and reassessing if it feels good in our body and system. If not, we are free to change direction again and find the next vector to try. This way we’ll come closer and closer to where we want to go.

It’s a process. There will be obstacles on the way, in the form of uncomfortable emotions and outdated beliefs. But luckily, we don’t have to do it all alone!
We are allowed to ask for support, so the journey is much quicker and so much more fun! And through it, we become confident to continue the journey on our own!

If you sense a sigh of relief at the thought of not having to venture into the Unknown on your own, and especially not having to face all the uncomfortable emotions and fears alone, please reach out. I have been said to be an expert guide back to your own wisdom, not giving advice or my own interpretations, but drawing out your own inner wisdom to guide us through the dark until we arrive where you want to be.

Let me hold a safe container for your journey and show you what an extraordinary human being you are!