With my writings I’m on a mission to muse and explore a different way of leadership, in our personal as well as professional lives – leading from our inner guidance system, our body, heart, mind AND soul knowing, so that we live joy-filled and soulful lives, changing the world in the process.

May the writings encourage you to go on a journey of self-discovery, to find out who you really are beyond all ideas and beliefs, what inspires you, what you are passionate about – and then to take the freedom to be yourself, wholeheartedly!

You can never be behind!

April 13, 2022|Journal|

How the made-up concept of “being behind” shapes our reality and is detrimental to our health Nobody likes to be “behind”. We’ve learned early on in life that to be behind means you’re [...]

It’s okay to be human!

January 12, 2022|Journal|

"It’s okay." - my favourite self-soothing mantra, the one I repeat to myself every time I get bogged down by plans not working out the way I want or when I feel heavy emotions [...]

Philosophical Practice

November 30, 2021|Conversations|

An Interview with Tina Wittholm What does a Philosophical Practitioner do? I talked to Tina Wittholm who runs a philosophical practice and if you’re anything like me, philosophy and practice (= practical application) [...]

Moving through Grief

November 17, 2021|Journal|

Grief is our reaction to loss, which can come in many different shapes or forms. When talking about loss, we usually think of a loved one or a dear pet dying. Then there [...]

Do you dare to Dream Big?

October 17, 2021|Journal|

... because dreams DO happen! I went to my favourite art store the other day to get inspired and found a beautifully designed notebook that I immediately wanted to buy. Knowing myself and [...]

Cycle Tracking

October 12, 2021|Conversations|

An interview with Sandra Himsl In this video, Sandra and I discuss possibilities to track your own (menstrual) cycle and why this can be important. 00:14 Who Sandra is and what she [...]

Decolonising Time

September 21, 2021|Conversations|

An Interview with Ixchel Lunar In the video below, Ixchel Lunar and I talk about the concept of time from a colonialist and an indigenous perspective and what practices we can use to [...]

Befriending my Uterus

August 19, 2021|Journal|

I've been having a painful menstruation for many years, at least during the first two days. And since I've started going down the path of personal development/evolution and cleaning out my emotional and energetic [...]

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