Philosophical Practice


An Interview with Tina Wittholm What does a Philosophical Practitioner do? I talked to Tina Wittholm who runs a philosophical practice and if [...]

Philosophical Practice2022-03-24T20:51:20+01:00

Do you dare to Dream Big?


... because dreams DO happen! I went to my favourite art store the other day to get inspired and found a beautifully designed [...]

Do you dare to Dream Big?2022-03-24T20:53:41+01:00

Decolonising Time


An Interview with Ixchel Lunar In the video below, Ixchel Lunar and I talk about the concept of time from a colonialist and [...]

Decolonising Time2022-03-24T20:58:50+01:00

Hilda Tadria


Why she inspires me I met Hilda through my job in project finance for a women's rights organisation that supports women who have [...]

Hilda Tadria2022-03-24T22:29:32+01:00

Gisa Damerius


Why She Inspires Me Looking for a new kind of self-care experience I googled "facial treatments" in my location and found Gisa Damerius [...]

Gisa Damerius2022-03-24T22:33:06+01:00
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