An Oracle Reading for my Red Tent Circles

When I finally decided to take the leap and start my own Red Tent monthly circle, I felt a new deck of oracle cards specifically dedicated to this dream of mine was called for. Looking at the variety of cards out there, I was immediately drawn to the “Sacred Rebels Oracle Cards” by Alana Fairchild and Autumn Skye Morrison (you can find an overview of all my favourite decks here: “My favourite oracle card decks“). Both their description and artwork feel perfectly aligned with my personal mission and as well as my vision for my Red Tent and the world:

Sacred Rebels are those who want to be fully alive, with all their senses, and express their authentic and unique truth. We want to help heal the world, even when it means doing something against the “ordinary”. We don’t shy away from confronting our own shadows and limiting beliefs first and start the healing process in ourselves. With a deep love of life and its magic, we refuse to believe that manifesting our dreams is impossible.

I also love to use this card deck on other occasions, like my “Mystical Twelve Holy Nights” course at the end of December.

If you want to learn more about this powerful winter ritual to intentionally close the old year and invite in the new, I offer a simple email course with live ceremonies which you can explore here:

In preparation for my first Red Tent, I asked the deck about its energy and how it would support us, who are attending the Red Tent. I admit that I didn’t come up with this idea on my own, but was inspired by a lady who interviewed the oracle deck she would be using for her readings, to find out about its energy and how it would support her and her clients. Please find below the cards’ answers to my questions and what I channeled regarding their meaning.

Question 1: What’s your energy?

Card 41 – Bring it into form

This deck’s energy is about manifesting the world we envision, a world full of wonder and magic (see how magical the scarabs look), taking one step after another, one at a time. Leaving our footprints in the lives of others as the saying by Flavia Weedn goes: “Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.”

The deck will show us where to direct our attention next, which step to take next. An energy of excitement and joy, freedom and spaciousness, of doing it rather than waiting until it’s perfect – which might never be the case, because our expectations are so high. “Better done than perfect”, gaining confidence in the process and making changes and improvements along the way.

And “bringing it into form” doesn’t have to be “doing”. Like a birthing person who holds space for their baby to grow in their womb and take form without actively doing anything on the outside, all processes begin inside – with internal and invisible shifts, with a new way of being.

Question 2: What’s your strength?

Card 22 – She feels, she knows

This deck’s strength is the inner realm, the emotions, helping us feel our emotions, process our emotions, give expression to them as a catalyst for transformation. Our emotions are our internal GPS system (if we don’t go into story around them), they show us what we need more of or less of.

Besides, there’s a strength in the experience itself, and the deck helps us to experience and learn through experiencing, to gain experiential knowledge. Because that’s what wisdom ultimately is, knowledge through experience. Trying things out, really feeling all the rainbow of emotions to feel fully alive and open to others, connected to Life itself. Taking time for reflection, so we gain insights as to how we want to be in the world, taking our feelings/emotions as a North Star to align our lives with.

Question 3: What will you teach us?

Card 43 – Come to life

This deck will teach us how to be/feel fully alive, how to live our life consciously, in full colour HD. How to move from struggling against life to flowing with it, with our own rhythm. How to make changes so we can move from the dullness/emptiness often felt within to excitement for life. How to use the art supplies we’re already equipped with to bring to life our vision for ourselves and the world, living with all six senses turned on, allowing our life force to flow freely, not dim our light out of fear or shame or guilt, but be our authentic selves.

It teaches us how to nurture our power, how to co-create with Life, with life force energy, through our wombs, our blood, our prayers, our wisdom, both sensitive and fierce, deliberately making decisions according to how WE want to live.

Question 4: What do you expect from us?

Card 3 – Inspiration

This deck expects us to be inspired – in spirit. To connect to the Divine (however that looks for us), to the part within us that’s eternal. To stay open and curious in order to receive inspiration and use it creatively in whatever way or form OUR creativity wants to be expressed.

To connect to our spirit so strongly and deeply that we’re illuminated, totally in tune with us, with our truth, so we let our light shine and be seen and inspire others around us to do the same. To open our eyes and our hearts to the endless wonders all around us and receive them in, drawing inspiration from Life in all its facets, not just the good and joyful moments. To be open to see the magic all around us with a child’s eyes, taking delight in what Nature has to offer!

Question 5: What else do we need to know about you?

Card 12 – Every journey starts with a single step

It doesn’t take much to live a truthful and authentic life that we feel connected to and enjoy living. What we have to do is be vulnerable and take a step – the tiniest step we can take. Life doesn’t require us to leap right away and the journey towards the future we envision doesn’t have to start with a massive shift. A teeny tiny step is all it takes to get the ball rolling. From there we’ll find our next step and the one after that, until we’ve taken so many tiny steps that they gain momentum and give us confidence – to continue, to jump, even to leap if we like. But we shall just focus on the Here & Now and trust that the next tiny step we take is all that’s needed.

This deck wants to help us decipher the next little step each Dark Moon anew. All it takes is our openness and vulnerability (our “nakedness”) and trust. We have everything we need already with us, a suitcase of knowledge inside, in our tissue and bones! And we can trust that wherever we’re guided to place our foot next, will be exactly the right step – no matter what our mind says. This deck will guide us into finding out which step to take next on OUR path and help us trust in our own courage to take it – and the rest will follow…

I hope you feel as grateful and excited about the messages as I do. And if you’re interested in finding out how this guidance is going to play out in our monthly Red Tent, how we can work with our own intuitive knowing to come back to the deep connection with ourselves that a lot of us people are longing for, you are warmly invited to participate in the next circle here!

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